The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights was established in 2007  to provide assistance and expertise relating to fundamental rights to EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies, and to EU countries when they implement EU law.

The main task of the agency is to collect and publish relevant, objective, reliable and comparable information and data on the situation of fundamental rights in all EU countries within the scope of EU law. The agency also promotes dialogue with civil society in order to raise public awareness of fundamental rights and disseminate its work. 

Founding regulation establishing the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights

Areas of work and scope

The agency plans its research on the basis of multiannual programming documents and within the thematic areas listed in its multiannual frameworks.

The agency covers EU countries. Potential EU countries and countries with which a stabilisation and association agreement has been concluded can participate in the work of the agency as observers.

For more information please consult the website of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights.