Objective of the reports

Since 2010, the European Commission has published an annual report on the application of the fundamental rights and freedoms in the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The annual report monitors progress in the areas where the EU has powers to act, showing how the charter has been taken into account in actual cases, notably when new EU legislation is proposed.

The annual report is based on the actions of EU institutions and the analysis of letters from the general public, and on questions and petitions from the European Parliament.

Exchange of views

The annual report provides an opportunity for an annual exchange of views with the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.

It aims to help EU citizens determine where they need to turn to when they believe that their fundamental rights have been violated by an EU institution or by a national authority implementing EU law.

2018 report

On 5 June 2019, the European Commission is publishing its annual report on how the EU institutions and Member States applied the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in 2018. It also marks the 10th anniversary of the Charter’s entry into force. 

The report shows that the Charter continues asserting itself as a key instrument to make fundamental rights a reality in people’s lives. The Charter is most effective, with a real impact on people’s lives, when the entire enforcement chain applies it.

Over the ten years, the EU has adopted many initiatives protecting and promoting people’s Charter rights and references to the Charter by the European Court of Justice have increased substantially.

National courts are also referring to the Charter in their decisions and increasingly asking the European Court of Justice for guidance. Their role is key in ensuring that the Charter delivers for everyone.

The Charter is nevertheless still not used to its full potential, especially at national level,  and awareness remains low, as shown by a Eurobarometer survey published on 5 June 2019.

The report underlines the importance of civil society organisations and rights defenders in raising awareness of the Charter rights and ensuring that everyone can effectively enjoy them.

On 12 November 2019, the European Commission, the Finnish Presidency of the EU and the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights will hold a 10-year anniversary conference to celebrate the Charter. Participants will reflect on how to improve awareness and use of the Charter in the Member States for the benefit of all.

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