Funding recipients

The Commission maintains a register of beneficiaries of EU funding awarded per year, with information such as beneficiary details, amounts awarded, etc.


Citizens are invited to participate in consultations and to provide feedback at different stages throughout the law-making process.

Advice on implementing laws

The Commission maintains a register of committees, known as comitology committees, that oversee the Commission when it adopts implementing acts. The register contains a list of these committees as well as background information and documents relating to their work.

Transparency register for interest representatives

The Commission maintains a register of interest groups that aim to influence law-making in the EU institutions.

Special advisers

List of special advisers to the current European Commission (2020-2021). Includes CV and declaration of honour.

Data processing register

In a spirit of transparency, the Commission has put the register online and made it accessible to any interested person.

Former European Commissioners' authorised occupations

Decisions of the European Commission and related opinions of the Independent Ethical Committee on occupation of former European Commissioners

Occupational activities of former senior officials – annual report

The Commission publishes annually a report on the implementation of the Staff Regulations’ prohibition to senior managers to engage in lobbying or advocacy


How citizens and groups can interact and participate in open policy and decision making.