The comitology register contains a list of all comitology committees, as well as background information and documents relating to the work of each committee.

The comitology register also contains:

  • agendas of committee meetings
  • draft implementing acts submitted to committees (if these have not yet been made public, only the reference is provided)
  • results of voting
  • summary records of meetings, written consultation documents and lists of authorities representing each EU country
  • the committees' legal basis and rules of procedure
  • where relevant, other related documents discussed during committee meetings

The register includes all documents forwarded to the EU Parliament for information or scrutiny.

The documents available in the register enable you to trace the different stages of an implementing act throughout its entire lifecycle. Most documents can be downloaded. Those that cannot be downloaded can be requested from the relevant Commission department. That department will contact you by e-mail, usually enclosing the document.

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