Code of Conduct

Commissioners are required to follow the rules regarding ethics and integrity contained in the treaties and the Code of Conduct for Commissioners while carrying out their duties.

On the occasion of his 2017 State of the Union address, President Juncker announced a new Code of Conduct for Members of the Commission. The modernised rules set new standards for ethical rules in Europe. The new Code of Conduct continues President Juncker's push for greater transparency since the beginning of his mandate and extends the "cooling-off" period from 18 months to two years for former Commissioners and to three years for the President of the Commission. The modernisation goes further by setting clearer rules and higher ethical standards as well as introducing greater transparency in a number of areas. The new Code entered into force on 1 February 2018.

Declaration of interests

All Commissioners are required to complete a public declaration of interests. You can find the declaration of each Commissioner on their individual pages.

These are the authentic versions of the Declaration signed by each Commissioner. In line with the requirements of the new Code of Conduct, machine-readable versions of all Declarations of interests are published.

Gifts to Commissioners

Commissioners must declare gifts that have a value of more than €150. The register of gifts received for the current Commission contains a list of declared gifts.

Activities after leaving office

In the two years after they leave office, former Commissioners are required to request Commission approval of their new occupations.

Read about the independent ethical committee and the decisions on former Commissioners' activities after leaving office.


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