Commission decisions on post-mandate occupations

Based on the advice of the independent ethical committee the current European Commissioners have to approve new occupations of former Commissioners.

Date of Commission decisionRelated meeting minutesNameFormer mandateAuthorised occupation
29 March 20172206th meetingJonathan HillFinancial Stability, Financial Services, Capital Markets Union


The Times Newspapers.

9 November 20162188th meetingKristalina Georgieva
(Serving member of the Commission)
Budget and human resourcesChief Executive Officer of the World Bank, as from 02.01.2017
28 September 20162183rd meetingJonathan HillFinancial stability, financial services and capital markets union

Contract with 'Chartwell Speakers and Literary Agency',

House of Lords

20 April 2016

2165th meeting

Joaquín AlmuniaCompetitionAristide Merloni Foundation
  Tonio BorgHealth and consumer policyEuropean Medicines Agency
19 January 20162152nd meetingStefan FüleEnlargement and European neighbourhood policy4 NGOs and Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs
11 November 20152145th meetingJoaquín AlmuniaCompetitionParis School of International Affairs (PSIA) of Sciences Po (Paris)

14 October 2015

2142nd meeting

Dacian CioloşAgriculture and rural developmentInternational Food Policy Research Institute
  Tonio BorgHealth and consumer policy1 academic activity

16 September 2015

2138th meeting

Baroness Catherine AshtonHigh Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security PolicyIntermediate, 1 academic activity
  Máire Geoghegan-QuinnResearch and innovationTrinity College
15 July 20152135th meetingJoaquín AlmuniaCompetitionParticipation in a study with the European House / Ambrosetti, Center for European Policy Studies
24 June 20152132nd meetingMáire Geoghegan-QuinnResearch and innovationReview of gender equality in Irish higher education institutions

9 June 2015

2130th meeting

Andris PiebalgsDevelopmentResearch felllowship
  Dacian CioloşAgriculture and rural developmentParticipation to an event organised by the International Economic Forum
13 May 20152126th meetingViviane RedingJustice, fundamental rights, citizenshipMouvement Européen
28 April 20152124th meetingNeelie KroesDigital agendaOpen-Data Institute

15 April 2015

2122nd meeting

José Manuel BarrosoPresidentPalais des Beaux-Arts (Brussels), 1 academic activity
  Baroness Catherine AshtonHigh Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security PolicyHouse of Lords, Oslo Forum, 2 academic activities
  Siim KallasTransportNortal
  Janez PotocnikEnvironmentCommittee "A vision for Europe towards sustainable and circular economy", Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
  Karel De GuchtTradeCVC Capital Partners
  Máire Geoghegan-QuinnResearch and innovationHigh level group on industrial innovation for competitiveness

18 March 2015

2120th meeting

Siim KallasTransport1 academic activity
  Janez PotocnikEnvironmentRural Investment Support for Europe Foundation, Global Alliance on Health and Pollution
  Androulla VassiliouEducation, culture, multilingualism and youthCyprus Research and Educational Foundation, European University Institute
  Karel De GuchtTradeInstitute for European Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgacom, Merit Capital NV, 1 academic activity

18 February 2015

2116th meeting

Viviane RedingJustice, Fundamental Rights, CitizenshipGlobal Economic Symposium
  Joaquín AlmuniaCompetitionNotre Europe, Friends of Europe, European Policy Center, Center for European Reform, Foundation for European Progressive Studies, contract for participation in conferences and events, 5 academic activities
10 February 20152115th meetingSiim KallasTransport1 academic activity
4 February 20152114th meetingNeelie KroesDigital agendaBank of America Merrill Lynch

28 January 2015

2113th meeting

Baroness Catherine AshtonHigh Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security PolicyAcademic lectures
  Andris PiebalgsDevelopmentFriends of Europe
  Androulla VassiliouEducation, culture, multilingualism and youthFriends of Europe, Bank of Cyprus Oncologic Center
  Dacian CioloşAgriculture and rural developmentBrainstorming organised by the World Bank

21 January 2015

2112th meeting

José Manuel BarrosoPresident4 academic activities, 1 honorary activity
  Jacek DominikFinancial programming and budgetCounsellor General at the Polish Ministry of Finance

13 January 2015



2111th meeting



Andris PiebalgsDevelopmentAdvisor to the Latvian President
  Maria DamanakiFisheries and maritime affairsThe Nature Conservancy

16 December 2014

2110th meeting

José Manuel BarrosoPresidentInstitute of Public Policy (Belgrade), Europaeum, Bilderberg Conferences, McDonough School of Business, UEFA Foundation for Children
  Viviane RedingJustice, Fundamental Rights, CitizenshipSpeaking engagements, UEFA Fondation UEFA pour l'Enfance
  Neelie KroesDigital agendaSpecial envoy for start-Up companies
  Connie HedegaardClimate action

Kann Foundation, Public Service Committee (Danish Ministry of Culture), Regions 20, OECD Round Table for Sustainable Development, 1 academic activity

  László AndorEmployment, social affairs and inclusionFriends of Europe, European Policy Center, RAND Europe, Institute of Political History, DIKTIO Network, 1 academic activity, 1 research activity
10 December 20142109th meetingViviane RedingJustice, fundamental rights, citizenshipAgfa-Gevaert
  Janez PotocnikEnvironmentForum for the future of agriculture, European Policy Center, UN International Resource Panel, 1-off participations in conferences
  Andris PiebalgsDevelopment1 academic activity, Global Fund Europe
3 December 20142108th meetingJosé Manuel BarrosoPresidentOpera of Madrid, Women in Parliament, 4 honorary activities
25 November 20142107th meetingAlgirdas SemetaTaxation and customs union, audit and anti-fraudUkraine Business Ombudsman
5 November 20142104th meetingJosé Manuel BarrosoPresidentAd hoc engagement with the World Economic Forum, academic lectures, speaking arrangements
29 October 20142103rd meetingViviane RedingJustice, fundamental rights, citizenshipFondation Bertelsmann, Nyrstar
  Ferdinando Nelli FerociIndustry and entrepreneurshipIstituto Affari Internazionali, Société financière SIMEST