An attractive workplace  

The Commission will boost existing efforts to create an inclusive, sustainable and flexible work environment with professional development perspectives and family-friendly working conditions. Including specific measures to respect and to contribute to the European Green Deal.

Faster and more agile selection and recruitment  

The Commission, in cooperation with the European Personnel Selection Office, will introduce modern, faster, and more flexible selection and recruitment procedures. The aim is to select the most talented and suitable individuals, ensure a level playing field for applicants from diverse backgrounds, and retain internal talent.

A flexible and meaningful career for all staff

The Commission will reinforce the career perspectives of staff by promoting internal and external mobility. Career guidance, coaching and internal headhunting will be strengthened. The training offer will be improved by developing learning packages for different professions.

Streamlined HR services

A cross-cutting action will support the three others, by simplifying and speeding up procedures wherever possible. Services will be designed with the end user in mind and be smart and user-friendly. This will be enabled by effective HR IT tools that meet staff expectations and business requirements.

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