European civil service

Staff working for the European Commission are part of the European civil service.

Around 32,000 permanent and contract employees work in the Commission. These include policy officers, researchers, lawyers and translators.

Code of conduct

European civil servants are guided by and must observe a code of conduct when exercising their professional duties both while in office and after leaving. These rules are laid out in the staff regulations and code of good administrative behaviour.

If a citizen considers that a Commission employee has breached the code of conduct, they may file a complaint. 

Code of conduct for staff

Key figures on European Commission staff

The HR Key Figures and the Statistical Bulletin report the nationality of staff based on their first declared nationality. For geographical balance, use the dedicated corresponding reports, which implement COM(2018) 377 final/2 for this purpose.

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For help understanding this data, use the Nationality (ISO code).

Statistical bulletin with more figures on staff

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Distribution by nationality of EU Institutions' staff