What is a citizens' initiative?

A group of at least 1 million EU nationals can ask the European Commission to propose a law in one of its policy areas.

This is called a ‘citizens’ initiative’.

How to organise an initiative

Before you launch your initiative, you need to set up an organising committee.

Your committee should be made up of at least 7 EU citizens, living in at least 7 different EU countries. They don’t have to be nationals of 7 different countries, but they must be old enough to vote in European Parliament elections in their country.

Requirements for creating an initiative

Your initiative must meet certain conditions, including

If your initiative meets all the conditions, the Commission will consider it.

Within 3 months

  • EU officials will meet the organising committee
  • you will have a public hearing at the European Parliament to explain your initiative
  • the Commission will issue a formal reply – and explain why it will or will not propose a new law based on your proposal

Launch a citizens' initiative.