How to apply

During the coronavirus crisis, journalists not accredited to the European Commission can exceptionally request a one-day accreditation for our online press events, including daily press briefings and press conferences.

Please send your request by 15:00 CET (Brussels time) the day before to

Your email should include the following:

  • A scanned copy of a national ID card or passport (non EU-citizens must provide a copy of their passport)
  • A scanned copy of a valid national press card or a press card issued by the International Federation of Journalists
  • If you do not have a valid press card, please include a scanned copy of a letter from your editor-in-chief or an official email from your head office confirming that they request access for you for that day

If selected, you will receive an email invitation by 11:00 CET on the day of the online press event, containing the link to join the videoconference and a short document on how to set up your connection.


  • The European Commission’s Spokesperson’s Service reserves the right to refuse accreditation for the online press event if the specified deadlines are not respected or if the documents provided do not meet the requirements
  • In accordance with the agreement between the Spokesperson’s Service and the International Press Association (API), the Commission reserves the right to limit the number of non-accredited journalists attending the online press events to 10 per day
  • Priority will be given to media from EU Member States reporting on EU affairs and without permanent correspondent(s) in Brussels
  • Depending on the number of requests, daily accreditations will be given on a rotational basis
  • Having access to one of our online press events does not guarantee you the right to ask a question, as the duration of the event is limited


Phone number: +32 2 29 54385




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