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Air 2010-EU-40104-S

UK-Ireland FAB Development of High Level Sectors


The National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), Air National Service Providers in the UK and Ireland respectively, propose to carry out an extensive study to design and validate the establishment of High Level Sectors (HLS) covering the IAA/NATS Functional Airspace Block across the UK and Ireland Flight Information Region (FIR)s. These HLS’s will allow for over-flights to be provided with direct routing and are aimed at ensuring that sectorisation is optimised against traffic flows, thus balancing controller workload and improving safety.


To achieve the objectives of the Action, the beneficiaries will be working together to create a shared concept for High Level Sectors. An airspace design will be created and simulations of these will take place with controllers from both IAA and NATS. The conclusion of this study will be an agreed design upon which consultation has been carried out with all key stakeholders: public, commercial and governmental.


This action will enable the establishment of pseudo free routes in the upper sectors of the FAB, a concept at the core of the SESAR work and a priority area for airlines. The Action will take account of SESAR Joint Undertaking developments to ensure consistency with European ATM technology developments.



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Member States involved:

United Kingdom, Ireland


Implementation schedule:

Start date: December 2010

End date: December 2012


Beneficiaries & Implementing bodies:

National Air Traffic Services (NATS)

Irish Aviation Authority (IAA)


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE

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