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2013 MAP Air Traffic Management Call

INEA ceased operations on 31 March 2021. The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) was established on 1 April 2021 to take over its legacy portfolio as well as additional EU funding programmes.

The 2013 Multi-Annual work programme Motorways of the Sea (MoS) Call had a budget of €80 million.

The 2013 MAP Motorways of the Sea (MoS) FAQ page as well as documents and forms are available below for reference purposes. 

RESULTS of the Call - pdf.pdf (5.8 MB)


Indicative Call Timeline

Call Publication

11 December 2013

Info Day 13 December 2013
Deadline for submission 11 March 2014
Eligibility check (TEN-T EA) March 2014
External evaluation (TEN-T EA) April 2014
Internal evaluation/Selection (DG MOVE + TEN-T EA) April-May 2014
Consultation of other DGs June 2014 (indicative)
Consultation of the Financial Assistance Committee (FAC) June 2014 (indicative)
European Parliament right of scrutiny can be exercised anytime until adoption of the selection Decision
Adoption of individual financing Decisions (DG MOVE) as of September 2014 (indicative)


Work Programme

The final versions of the Work Programmes are listed below. (added 8 January 2014) 


Final Multi-Annual Work Programme 2013 - English version

 .pdf (44.6 KB)

 .pdf (222.2 KB) - Annex 

Final Multi-Annual Work Programme 2013 - French version

 .pdf (45.7 KB)

 .pdf (253 KB) - Annex

Final Multi-Annual Work Programme 2013 - German version

 .pdf (45.8 KB)

 .pdf (500.6 KB) - Annex


Call for Proposals documents

2013 MoS Multi-Annual Call for Proposals .pdf (241.8 KB)


Guide for Applicants & Application Form Part B


Guide for Applicants

.pdf (781.4 KB)
Application Form Part B1: Administrative Information .docx (142.5 KB)
Application Form Part B2: Technical and Financial Information .doc (219 KB)
Financial capacity check  .xls (464.5 KB)


Application Form Part A (TENtec eSubmission)

For any technical question regarding the eSubmission module only please contact the Call Helpdesk or call +32 (0)2 295 17 43


TENtec eSubmission module

Access here
TENtec eSubmission User Manual/eSub guidance note .pdf (1 MB)
Description of ISIC codes .pdf (214.6 KB)

Application Form Part A: draft word template

This word format of Application form Part A, which is very similar to the Form available in the eSubmission module, does not need to be filled in.

It is put online only in the case that some applicants encounter difficulties with the eSubmission module, and want to fill in and print some sections of the Application form Part A in advance in order to be able to get the signatures of the competent authorities and the diffferent applicants (in the case of multi-applicants proposals) on time.

Electronic submission using the eSubmission module remains mandatory.

.doc (364.5 KB)


Background documents & useful info

Note on the definition of cross-border sections .pdf (24.1 KB)
TEN Guidelines .pdf (73.7 MB)
TEN Regulation .pdf (93.7 KB)
Guide to TENs and environmental legislation: Annex 2 of the Commission Staff Working Document which accompanied COM (2007) Trans-European Networks: Toward an integrated approach .pdf (874 KB)

Standard model Decision

Publicity guidelines and logos  
Calls 2013 General FAQ  
2013 MoS Call specific FAQ  
Calls for Proposals checklist pdf.pdf (130.6 KB)