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2013 Annual Call FAQ

This page contains the questions regarding the 2013 Annual Call submitted to the Annual Call Helpdesk.


This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list is based on the rules and conditions contained in the legal documents relating to TEN-T Calls for Proposals. It is intended to ensure that the same guidance is provided to all potential applicants, and does not in itself have legal value.

It is provided for reference purposes only.

1. Does the size of projects under Priority 2 refer to the TEN-T contribution or to the total eligible costs of the project?

The indicative sizes of projects under the Priority 2 of the annual call should be understood as a maximum TEN-T contribution to the eligible costs of a proposed Action. This means, for example, that the application for a study with regional or local pilot deployment in at least one Member State (type B) requesting a €5 million contribution from the TEN-T Programme would have total eligible costs of at least €10 million. The same logic would apply also to the studies of types A and C.

2. Are projects related to cruise operations eligible to apply under the maritime priority of the annual call?

Projects related to cruise operations may be considered eligible under the annual call, provided that the contents of the submitted proposal actually address the objectives of the call and meet relevant eligibility criteria.

However, non-regular passenger transport (i.e. cruise operations) is not a priority of the TEN-T network.