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INEA ceased operations on 31 March 2021. The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) was established on 1 April 2021 to take over its legacy portfolio as well as additional EU funding programmes.

TEN-T projects involving waterways can be grouped into:

Inland waterways are made up of rivers, canals and the various branches and links which connect them. The TEN-T inland waterway projects aim to help connect industrial regions and urban areas and link them to ports. Inland ports form part of the network, in particular as points of interconnection between the waterways and other modes of transport.

River Information Services (RIS) and its related projects involve traffic management infrastructure on the inland waterway network. Specifically, this includes the establishment of an interoperable, intelligent traffic and transport system to optimise the existing capacity and safety and improve interoperability with other transport modes.

TEN-T projects dealing with seaports aim to permit the development of sea transport. They include support for shipping links for islands and the points of interconnection between sea transport and other modes of transport. Their infrastructure aims to provide a range of services for passenger and goods transport, including ferry services and short and long-distance shipping services, coastal shipping, linking EU Member States together and with third countries.

The trans-European network of Motorways of the Sea (MoS) intends to re-create the road and rail network on the water, by concentrating flows of freight in viable, regular sea routes. These projects strive to improve port facilities and infrastructure, as well as electronic logistics management systems, safety and security and administrative and customs procedures, as well as access routes for year-round navigability. Projects usually are proposed by at least two Member States. Visit the Motorways of the Sea One Stop Help Desk for more information about these projects and their funding opportunities.

Please note that the listing below is not exhaustive. More project information will be added as this website continues to be enhanced.

Improving port capacity on the TEN-T Network: An Environmental Impact Assessment and Modelling to support the development of Aberdeen Harbour

Preparatory Studies for construction of a rail and road bridge in Port of Malmö

Study to prepare the construction of a new lock and deepening waterway IJsselmeer to improve better access to the TEN-T inland waterway network.

Facilitation of implementation upgrading "Twente kanaal fase 2 "

The link between Idrovia-Ferrarese and the Padano-Veneto waterway system: study to address the city of Ferrara bottlenecks

New Milano-Cremona canal: studies for the improvement of the Northern Italy Waterway System

Study for the development of international transport facilities between the Port of Civitavecchia and TEN-T network through the reorganisation of the rail system within the Port

The new port master plan and the new breakwater to improve the competitive position of the Genoa port as Southern gate of the European core network

Rail Access from Coast to Corridor 'RACCORDO'

Studies on the lock’s telecontrol of the large gauge network of the Moselle river in the scope of the Trans-European Transport Network

Preparatory studies for the acceleration of the implementation of the development of Port of Bastia

Project design studies providing safe maritime access to the Atlantic basin in the port of Dunkirk

Studies on the Priority Project of common interest: The Seine-Scheldt inland waterway network - cross-border section between Compiègne and Ghent

Costa II East - Poseidon Med

Pilot Implementation of a LNG-Propulsion System on a MoS Test Track in the Environmental Model Region 'Wadden Sea'

Development of North Adriatic ports multimodal  connections and their efficient integration into the Core Network (NAPA STUDIES)

Sustainable Motorway of the Sea Immingham-Gothenburg through environmental upgrade and compliance while maintaining competitiveness of short sea shipping

Sustainable Motorway of the Sea Ghent-Gothenburg through environmental upgrade and compliance while maintaining competitiveness of short sea shipping


Sustainable Traffic Machines II – The green link between Scandinavia and Continental Europe


LNG in Baltic Sea Ports II

Deployment of next generation scrubber technology for clean and sustainable short sea shipping in the North Sea ECA

Channel LNG

Sustainable Trelleborg-Swinousjcie MoS services based on upgrading port infrastructure, developing intermodal transport and integrating hinterland corridors

Into the future - Baltic So2lution

BRIDGE - Building the Resilience of International & Dependent Gateways in Europe

Upgrade of the Danube Straubing-Vilshofen subsection 1 (Straubing-Deggendorf), design and approval planning + public consultation within the frame of the planning approval procedure

Studies for the expansion of the trimodal Port of Linz (Priority Axis 18)

Improving access to the TEN-T Core Port of Felixstowe/Harwich: Haven Channel deepening project

Felixstowe rail terminal (phase 2) - Furher improving intermodal transfer and removing a bottleneck on PP26

NAPAPROG - Acceleration of terminals and multimodal facilities in the ports of Trieste and Koper towards an integrated North Adriatic Port system

Project Värtahamnen

Elaboration of the design documentation for the modernisation of the quays and dredging the fairway at the internal Port of Gdansk  

Adjustment works of the waterway and Ferrarese connection with the Padano-Veneto waterway system

Ronco-Canepa combi-terminal extension and renewal of the ancillary intermodal infrastructure

365 Po River System - Preliminary Project to improve navigation from Cremona Port to the Adriatic Sea

Ravenna Port Hub: final detailed design and supporting technical analyses

Studies to secure building permits and to prepare design and tender documentation to facilitate the implementation of the priority projects identified in the Port of Cork Company's Strategic Development Plan

Increasing the capacity of the River Seine above Paris (from Nogent-sur-Seine to Paris)

Studies to upgrade the upstream section of the Seine (from Nogent-sur-Seine to Paris)

Improvement of maritime access to the Port of Rouen: dredging of rock sill at Courval and enlargement of Hautot turning basin

Improvement of the efficiency of intermodal Ro-Ro platform in the Port of Dunkirk

NAPADRAG - Improving nautical accessibility in the ports of Koper and Venice towards an integrated North Adriatic Port system

Sustainable Traffic Machines - On the way to greener shipping


Business to Motorways of the Sea

ANNA - Advanced National Networks for Administrations

Methanol: The marine fuel of the future

Kvarken Multimodal Link - Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor


LNG Bunkering Infrastructure Solution and Pilot actions for ships operating on the Motorway of the Baltic Sea

Winter Navigation Motorways of the Sea, WINMOS


LNG Rotterdam Gothenburg

Construction of the second Mosel lock in Trier

Construction of a second lock at Zerben

Quality and capacity upgrade of the railway system in the seaport of Bremerhaven

Plans for establishing a locomotive service point at the Port of Hamburg to create capacities for hinterland connections (rail) and the port's rail network

Adaptation of the Middle Weser to meet Class Va waterway standards

Studies for the improvement of the Charleroi-Brussels canal (E04), section Lembeek-Brussels

Renovation of the Royers Lock in Antwerp

The Albert Canal: lifting of bridges and upgrading to class VIb (part 3)

Upgrading of inland navigation infrastructure in the port of Ghent

Studies for the expansion of the trimodal Port of Freudenau/Vienna

York Street interchange - Improvement to Belfast Port hinterland Connections

Upgrading of maritime infrastructure in Lake Malaren

Implementation study eliminating the major bottlenecks in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp corridor

Design and environmental studies to improve the efficiency of port of Dunkirk's railway system regarding the TEN-T hinterland connection

Planning study for a new maritime lock in Terneuzen

Green Bridge on Nordic Corridor

IBUK – intermodal corridor

LNG in Baltic Sea Ports


On Shore Power Supply - an integrated North Sea network

Adriatic Motorways of the Sea (ADRIAMOS)

Design studies regarding a two-lane railway bridge to improve the Port of Hamburg access to the TEN-T Network

Project Upgrade of the 10,000 tonnes-section of the sea canal Brussels-Scheldt near Willebroek, to improve its accessibility for sea-going vessels

Second sea lock Waaslandhaven (Port of Antwerp)

Additional studies in the Seine-Scheldt network in Flanders

Increase of under bridge-clearance on the Walloon section of Seine-Scheldt (PP-30) waterway network in order to allow continuous passage of containerships with up to three layers

The Albert Canal: lifting of bridges and upgrading to class VIb

Pilot implementation on the Lower Oder RIS

Implementation Study to prepare a Public Private Partnership to improve maritime access to the TEN-T network at Amsterdam

Adriatic gateway: the improvement of northern adriatic ports and the building of a strategic corridor for multimodal transport

Studies for the development of RIS operability along the northern Italian waterway system

Studies to upgrade the Oise river between Compiègne and Creil to Vb gauge

Design and environmental studies regarding the creation of a multimodal transport system at the Port of Dunkirk

River Information Services II (RIS II)

Deployment of Inland AIS transponders in Flanders and the Netherlands

LNG infrastructure of filling stations and deployment in ships


The Baltic Sea Hub and Spokes Project

Motorway of the Sea Rostock-Gedser

ITS Adriatic multi-port gateway

Monitoring and Operation Services for Motorways of the Sea (MoS4MoS)

Construction of the second lock basin in Trier (Mosel)

The Albert Canal: Rebuilding the Briegden and Oelegem I bridges

Implementation of RIS in Flanders II

Thames Estuary dredge and reclamation works to support the integrated multi modal London Gateway port and logistics development

Port infrastructure facilities in the Malmö Northern Harbour

Feasibility study and environmental impact assessment of Klaipeda port expansion constructing the outer port

Strategic project for the development of the accessibility and hinterland connecions from the port of Venice to the TEN-T network

Studies for the infrastructural improvement of Northern Italy Waterway System

Implementation of nautical accessibility in the port of Venice-Marghera: operational and remedial dredging in two stretches of the West and South ship canals

Infrastructural improvements in the inland waterways system of Northern Italy

Rebuilding of the dams in Boran and Venette on the river Oise

Upgrade of Deûle river size to 3,000 tonnes between Sequedin and Deûlémont

Smooth road traffic flow and new traffic sign system - Port of Dunkerque

Baltic Link Gdynia-Karlskrona

Studies for the construction of three locks on the Upper-Scheldt

Study of the navigability of the "Upper-Seascheldt " and the "Southern Ghent Ring Canal " for class Va motor vessels (1,500-3,000 tons)

Rebuilding of Noorderlaanbridge

Project Documentation and Modernisation of Bratislava old bridge

Norrköping intermodal infrastructure package- improvement of access fairway

Elaboration of study and detail design for the project "Reconstruction of Access channel for ships entrance into Riga port "

Functional adaptation of both road and rail networks in the stretch Malcontenta-Fusina of "via dell'Elettronica " in the port of Marghera-Venice

Chatou Weir


Motorways of the Sea Esbjerg - Zeebrugge

Motorways of the Sea projects in the Baltic Sea Area Klaipéda-Karlshamn link

High Quality Rail and Intermodal Nordic Corridor Königslinie

General planning of the rail-bound connections of the Port of Hamburg with Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea region

Studies related to the port expansion project for Lesport as part of the port of Varna regarding implementation of European standards in Bulgaria

Construction and elevation of railway bridges (HST lines 25 and 27) over the Nete river

D. A. N. U. B. E.: Danube Access Network - Unlocking Bottlenecks in Europe, by developing a high quality TEN-T ports infrastructure in Romania on optimal economic terms - Feasibility study phase

Maasroute, Upgrade of inland waterways from class Va to class Vb specifications

Malta Freeport Terminals - Expansion Project

Study of sustainable infrastructure development of Ventspils Free Port and of secure and effective access to the existing territory of the port

Strengthening and restructuring of the railway facilities and network in the Marghera area - Completion of the project

Improvement of the navigability on the Danube

Extension of the Grand Canal du Havre

The Seine-Scheldt inland waterway network - cross-border section between Compiègne and Ghent

Construction of the second lock basin in Fankel (Mosel)

Independent variant research on the development of the Danube between Straubing and Vilshofen

New construction of the rail bridge above the Danube at Deggendorf

Master Plan for the Ports of Cyprus

Construction of a 225 x 25 m chamber navigation lock, its ancillary works and a pumping station/hydroelectric power plant on the Albert Canal, to the east of the existing lock complex at Lanaye

Studies for the construction of a 225m x 25m (Class VIb) lock in Huy (Ampsin-Neuville) and the works of a 225m x 25m (classe VIb) lock in Flémalle (Ivoz-Ramet), both on the Meuse river

Implementation integrated river engineering project Danube East of Vienna

Malta Freeport - Development Project

Junction of IX B corridor with Klaipeda State Seaport – reconstructing central access

Master Plan Studies for Development of the Baltic Sea Information Motorways (BASIS)

West Med Corridors

PORTMOS – Integration of the Portuguese Ports and Maritime System in the Motorways of the Sea

Construction of a passenger terminal, Limassol Port