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The trans-European road network comprises motorways and high-quality roads. The network aims to guarantee users a high, uniform and continuous level of service, comfort and safety. Projects look at adapting existing roads or building new ones to meet TEN-T objectives.

Please note that the listing below is not exhaustive. More project information will be added as this website continues to be enhanced.

Bothnian Corridor - Double Triangle Supporting Sundsvall's Logistics Park

Design studies for upgrading of E4 to motorway as a part of the Nordic Triangle at Ljungby in Sweden

Integration of Riga city and Freeport of Riga into TEN-T network: Detail design studies for 3rd and 4th segment of the Riga Northern transport corridor

Study for the acceleration of the implementation of safe and secure Parking Areas for professional drivers along the Italian TEN-T network

A8 Dualling Between Ballyrickard Roundabout and Coleman's Corner

Preparation of the executive design for motorway section Drazenci international border crossing Gruškovje

Integration of Riga City and Freeport of Riga into TEN-Tnetwork: detail design studies for Segment 1 of the Riga Northern Transport Corridor

Study aimed at the execution of the preliminary project and the legal, economic and financial analysis for the implementation of a PPP model on the Bari Heavy Vehicle Road.

Preliminary design and economic analysis of the end section of the link between the Port of Civitavecchia and the intermodal node of Orte to complete the East-West road axis (Civitavecchia-Ancona)

E18 Hamina-Vaalimaa planning (PPP)

Completion studies to upgrade the Serres suburban road - Section A 'axis' Serres-Drama-Kavala

Completion of the study: Ionian Highway section from the end of concession to Kakavia

Kongsted safe parking area

6-lane upgrade of the A3 Kauppenaufstieg federal highway

Upgrade A12 AD Spreeau - AS Fürstenwalde-West: from km 1+142 to 17+425

Upgrade of the A12 between Spreeau three-leg motorway interchange and Fürstenwalde-West junction; operational km 1+142 until 17+425

Lefkosia South Orbital Motorway, detailed design study

Optimisation of the Brussels Ring road

Stockholm Bypass, tunnel safety studies

Elimination bottleneck north-south artery A2(E25): Providing safety measures in the urban highway tunnel in Maastricht

E18 Hamina bypass road

Elaboration of the project for obtaining the building permit for the Draženci-International Border Crossing Gruškovje motorway section

Road E18 Helsinki-Vaalimaa studies

Completion of the study Ionian Highway (Western Axis) from the end of concession to Kakaviaitle

A8 Belfast to Larne (Coleman's Corner to Ballyrickard Road)

A6 Randalstown to Londonderry (Londonderry to Dungiven)

A14 Corridor traffic management scheme

Pre-investment study for motorway D1 Budimir-Bidovce

E 6.21 Marieholm Tunnel

E6.21 Partihall Connection

Elaboration of the project documenttion for reconstruction of the national road n°1 to an expressway on the section Podwarpie-Dąbrowa Górnicza

Elaboration of the technical documentation for S1 Expressway construction on the section from Kosztowy II Interchange in Myslowice to Suchy Potok Interchange in Bielsko-Biala

Elimination of the bottleneck of the north-south artery A2 (E25): building the urban highway tunnel in Maastricht

Integration of Riga City and Riga Port into the TEN-T network: Construction of Viestura-Meža interchange

Upgrading the S.Pellegrino Tunnel (SS n.675 Umbro-Laziale) and the Colle Capretto Tunnel (SS n.3bis Tiberina) on the E45 to the safety requirements for tunnels in the Trans-European Road Network

Rome Ring Road Motorway – northwestern section – upgrade to three lanes in both directions from km 11+250 to km 12+650 – completion works

Main Road 5 between Lusi and Mikkeli (lacking road improvements)

Prolongation of E-90 (Spanish Express Route Baix Llobregat) Section: Ronda Litoral A-16

Express Route SE-40 (Seville) - Section Coria del Rio-Dos Hermanas (North and South tunnels)

Express Route A-32. Section Torreperogil-Villanueva del Arzobispo

BAB A3, Frankfurt-Nürnberg, renewal of the bridge over the Main river at Randersacker

Motorway D47 section 47092 Bohumín-state border Czech Republic/Poland

Widening to six lanes the motorway section Ayia Varvara-Nicosia

Works for the upgrading of the Road E6 Trelleborg-Vellinge

Norrköping Intermodal Infrastructure Package - Road Bypass Norrköping, Study

Upgrading the Montecrevola Road Tunnel on the SS n. 33 del Sempione E62 to the safety requirements for tunnels in the Trans-European Road Network

Studies for upgrading Road E18

Works for the construction of Road E18 Muurla-Lohja


Highway A-73 Burgos-Santander. Works in the section Quintanilla-Quintanaortuño

Technical design studies: Duero A-11 highway, section Zamora north-Portuguese border

Technical design studies: Ruta de la Plata A66, section Benavente-Zamora Norte

Designs for the upgrading-completion of the Serres-Kavala axis (Phase A: Completion of 1st section Serres ring road)  

Designs for the connection of Egnatia/Pathe highways (PP 07) with Macedonia Airport of Thessaloniki (Phase B)  

Highway A3 Frankfurt-Würzburg, 6-lane extension in the section AS Hösbach to Kauppenbrücke

Six-lane widening of the A8 federal highway Karlsruhe-Munich, in the section Pforzheim-Süd/Wurmberg to Heimsheim

Package for improvements and upgrade of road infrastructure on Priority Project 13: sections of A14, M6 and A1

E6 Trelleborg-Vellinge

Works for construction of the road section Norra Lanken

Design documentation, building design, tender dossier for S5 expressway, sections: Nowe Marzy-Bydgoszcz and Znin-border of wielkopolskie Voivodship and border of kujawsko-pomorskie Voivodship-Gniezno

Materials for environmental decision, materials for localisation decision, building design and tender documentation for the building of the S19 expressway, section Lutoryz-Barwinek

Integration of Riga City and Riga Port into the TEN-T network: Completion of studies for Riga Northern Transport Corridor

Development of IA Transport Corridor

Autovía BU-30, tramo: Quintanadueñas-Villatoro-Villímar

Navarra A-15 Highway: Sections Radona-Sauquillo and Almazán-Cubo

Ionian Highway (Western Axis) from the end of concession to Kakavia

Studies for the development of the motorway project of PP7 (Igoumenitsa/Patras-Athens-Sofia-Budapest Motorway Axis)

Studies for the vertical access Thessaloniki-Serres-Promachonas

Environmental Impact Assessment on the extension of Motorway E47/E55 (Helsingør Motorway) and Motorway E20/E47/E55 (Køge Bugt Motorway)

The Marselis Tunnel Project - Aarhus, Denmark

Six-lane widening of the A6 federal highway Walldorf-Weinsberg in the section Heilbronn/Untereisesheim-Weinsberg

Construction of the Bridge over the Hasel valley

Pre-Investment Studies for the Motorway D1 - section Jablonov-Studenec

Technical project and special socumentation for the motorway section Slivnica-Ptuj (Draženci)-Gruškovje-Part of Phyrn motorway route

Documentation for the decisions on environmental conditions for realisation of the investment for A-2 motorway, section Warszawa-Kukuryki

Basic technical documentation, documentation for the location decisions and decisions on environmental conditions of realisation of the investment for A-4 motorway, section Przeworsk-Korczowa

Technical documentation for the construction of S-69 expressway Bielsko Biała-Żywiec-Zwardoń, section Przybędza-Milówka (Węgierska Górka bypass)

Construction, design and tender documentation for the southern bypass of Gdañsk (Tricity-Koszwa³y section) along with detailed technical documentation for the S-7 road (section Koszwa³y-Kazimierzowo)

Construction and tender documentation for motorway A-4, section Tarnów-Rzeszów and expressway S-19, section Rzeszów-Lutoryz

Studies for M8 Motorway, Section I Lepsény-Dunaújváros and Section II Dunavecse-Kecskemét

Completion – updating of studies, supplementary studies for the conversion of the national road Athens-Korinthos (section Daphni-O.J. section with old national road Elefsina-Thiva (ONRET)) to a motorway (phase A)

Preparatory Studies for the environmentally compliant crossing of the Elbe as part of the A20 near Glückstadt

Pre-investment studies for Motorway D3 Cadca-Svrcinovec

Studies Motorway M1 Turany-Hubova

IP8 Studies (second phase) – Motorway connection from the coast (Sines) to the border (Vila Verde de Ficalho)

Design study for construction and tender documents for motorway A1 – section Toruñ-Stryków

Feasibility studies for S-1 expressway section from Kosztowy II interchange in Myslowice to Suchy Potok interchange in Bielsko-Biala

Design study for construction and tender documents for motorway A1 - Section Pyrzowice - Maciejów, including environmental preparation material and geological documentation

Study for M43 motorway II. Phase Makó-Nagylak/Csanádpalota

Pre-investment study for the motorway D3 Svrèinovec-Skalité

Feasibility study and geological documentation for a stretch of a toll motorway A1 Strykow-Czestochowa-Pyrzowice, including traffic analysis

Construction works on the A11 motorway Berlin-Polish border