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Rail Rail

The EU’s rail network consists of both high-speed and conventional rail lines and their related infrastructures and facilities which enable rail and and other transport modes to be integrated.

Rail projects aim to ultimately create a safe and high-quality infrastructure, by ensuring network continuity and interoperability.

Many TEN-T rail projects are devoted to the implementation of common technical standards and the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), a command and control system recommended for the European railway network.

Please note that the listing below is not exhaustive. More project information will be added as this website continues to be enhanced.

Retrofitting of 10 Macquarie Rail TRAXX DACHI locomotives to ETCS 2.3.0d

Developing the TEN-T Core Network Corridor in the United Kingdom: The Crossrail - West Coast Main Line (WCML) Link Study

Preparation of the preliminary design, pre-investment study, environmental report, environmental impact report and geodesy for construction of the second track on the MariborŠentilj section of the railway line and upgrading of the existing track

Elaboration of technical norms for an infrastructure with 3 rails

Comprehensive study removal bottleneck Calandbridge Port of Rotterdam on rail freight corridor Netherlands – Germany and beyond (PP 24)

Design of the new master plan of the Lambrate railway station

Development of a replacement Centralised Traffic Control Centre (CTC) – Strategy Study and Detailed Design for Tender

Performance enhancement on the Paris-Lyon HSL (High performance high speed south-east)

Planning of the railway section Helsinki–Riihimäki

Regulation (EU) 913/2010, (EU) 1315/2013 and (EU) 1316/2013 - Acceleration/facilitation of the implementation of the Atlantic Corridor

ETCS Baseline 3 On-Board Tests Campaign

Preliminary Planning Services new high speed rail line Dresden-Prague

Fitment, Test and Interoperability Test for Onboard ERTMS Baseline 3

New Storstrøm bridge (studies) - Upgrading the railway access line to the future Fehmarn Belt fixed link

Development of the ETCS Baseline 3 cab signalling system on driving cab I11

Installation of the ETCS cab signalling system on 64 cabs of M6 double-deck carriages used for the operation of the Brussels-Luxembourg intercity line

Retrofitment of  ETCS 2.3.0d on 10 Class 66 Locomotives owned by Crossrail Benelux NV

Baltic-Adriatic Core Network Corridor; Design study and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to implement the gap-closure along “Pottendorfer Line” (Vienna–Wiener Neustadt) between “Münchendorf and Wampersdorf” (via Ebreichsdorf)

Priority TEN-axis No. 17 “Paris–Strasbourg–Munich–Vienna–Bratislava”, section “Salzburg–Vienna”; “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study necessary for the implementation of the gap-closure Salzburg–Steindorf/Straßwalchen”

Priority TEN-axis No. 17 “Paris–Strasbourg–Munich–Vienna–Bratislava”, section “Salzburg–Vienna”; “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study necessary for the implementation of the gap-closure Linz–Wels”

Delivering the TEN-T Core Rail Network in the United Kingdom: Preparatory Works for Great Western Mainline electrification

Completing PP26 North and delivering the TEN-T Core Rail Network in the United Kingdom: Transpennine Rail Electrification

Completing PP26 South (Felixstowe to Nuneaton) and Delivering the TEN-T Core Rail Network in the United Kingdom: Ipswich Chord

Preparation of a study of variants and an environmental report for the new railway line Ljubljana-Kranj-Jesenive-state border, with a connection to Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport

Execution design for upgrading the existing main double-track electrified Zidani Most-Celje railway line

Elaboration of the project for building permit and executive design for the arrangement of a hub by upgrading the Pragersko railway station

Upgrade to an uniform Swedish system requirement for ERTMS, Level 2

The Gothenburg Port Line - railway bridge at Marieholm

Completion of the railway tunnel through Hallandsås – a priority project in the Nordic Triangle

Design studies for expansion to four tracks of Nordic Triangle at Flackarp-Arlöv in Sweden

Intermodal Amsterdam Gateway: a new public transport terminal to eliminate rail network bottlenecks and improve (inter)national accessibility

Rail Freight Corridor Netherlands – Germany, Betuweroute-Goederen Route Oost Nederland (GON)

Preliminary design and operations studies for Rail Baltica railway line Latvian section

Studies regarding the construction of a new section providing a direct link between Luxembourg Station and Bettembourg and the upgrading of Bettembourg Station.

Orte-Falconara line: Completion of works to double the track

Doubling of the Prenestina-Lunghezza-Guidonia section: works

Study on Technical Specifications for Interoperability for Telematics Applications for Freight (TAF–TSI) related to Railway Undertakings – Infrastructure Managers Functions

CIM WEST terminal expansion


High Speed/High Capacity Treviglio–Brescia section: completion of 1st constructive lot of the section and adaptation works to Brescia station

City Centre Re-signalling Project - Connolly Station to Sandymount Station - Design Stage

Startup of the Telematics Applications for Passenger Regulation (STAR)

Mandelieu Vintimille

Sillon Alpin Sud

First stage in relieving congestion at the Lyon railway junction

Grand Projet du Sud-Ouest - Bordeaux-Spain

Railway Seinäjoki-Oulu 2nd phase

Planning of the railway section Luumäki–Imatra–Russian border

Development of the Madrid–Lyon axis on the TEN-T Mediterranean Corridor (CLYMA)

Studies and activities for further developments of Rail Freight Corridor 2, its promotion and the upgrade of its infrastructure

Preparatory studies and activities of organisational structures of Rail Freight Corridor 5

Study on the implementation and establishment of rail freight corridors including pilot interventions and telematics applications for TSI implementation

Priority Project TEN no. 1 Brenner Base Tunnel – Studies

Pre-study for the Northern Access Line to the Brenner Base Tunnel between Munich (Germany) and Radfeld (Austria)

Implementation of UIC gauge on the Mediterranean corridor. Section Castellbisbal–Nudo de Vilaseca phase 1

Implementation of the UIC gauge width in the Mediterranean Corridor. Phase 1: Studies

Track bed works, Signaling and Telecomunication Facilities. Section Pk 3,1 a Pk 6,8. San Roque Mercancías. Railway Line Bobadilla-Algeciras

Electrical Facilities for Medina del Campo-Salamanca section. Railway line Medina del Campo-Salamanca-Fuentes de Oñoro

New Southern road and rail access to the port of Barcelona. Phase 1. Studies.

Remaining studies for the upgrading of the existing Railway Line Strymonas – Toxotes – Alexandroupoli

Phase 3 studies - New line connecting the rail network with the commercial Port of Kavala (Philippos Port)  

Phase B of Studies for the Attica Suburban Railway in the section from the Koropi Interchange to the Lavrio Port

Remaining studies for the underground construction and rail level realignment of the railway corridor from the Piraeus RS exit (Km 1+488) to the Athens RS

Spatial planning and technical studies for Rail Baltic (Estonian section)

Works to electrify the last part of the section Copenhagen-Esbjerg and construction of a new track to the Port of Esbjerg

Works to remove the bottleneck on the Vamdrup-Vojens railway section

Upgrading the section from Ringsted to Rødby (second phase of detailed planning studies) - upgrading the railway access lines to the future Fehmarn Belt fixed link

New railway line Copenhagen-Ringsted (detailed planning phase): access lines to the future Fehmarn Belt fixed link

Support to the long term implementation of the TEN-T network in the development of Corridor A/1 Rotterdam–Genoa required by the regulation (EU) no. 913/2010 and conversion of governance structure to a European Rail Freight Corridor 1

Planned activity for the unbundling of rail-bound traffics regarding the Fehmarn-Belt-Hinterland-Connection at the traffic junction Hamburg (TEN-T-Axis 20)

Planning the construction of a new railway connection between Munich Airport and the European railway corridor TEN PP 17 between Munich and Salzburg

The elimination of bottlenecks due to level crossings on the TEN-T network in Belgium

Watermael Schuman-Josaphat

Future Baltic-Adriatic core network: construction of a rail bridge at Stein crossing river Drau

Pummersdorfer Tunnel

Priority TEN-T axis No. 17 Paris–Strasbourg–Stuttgart–Vienna–Bratislava, Freight train bypass St. Pölten - Western connection

PP26: North West England electrification, Manchester-Liverpool

Removing a bottleneck on the Northern Ireland rail network: Coleraine-Derry

Western link - railway tunnel in Gothenburg

Bothnian Corridor - East Coast Line - increased capacity - Meeting stations

Bothnian Corridor - East Coast Line - increased capacity - Study new line Stangan-Dingersjo

Modernisation of the railway line Warszawa Wlochy-Grodzisk Mazowiecki: preparatory works

Development of ERTMS/ETCS Level 1 system on the E20/CE20 line, at the Kunowice-Warsaw section

Retrofitting of 9 ES64U4 "Husarz " (EU44) locomotives with ETCS SRS 3.x.0 and line tests on the railway infrastructure equipped with ETCS Level 1 and 2 SRS 2.3.0d in Poland, Czech Republic and Austria

Freight corridor Betuweroute-southeast Netherlands-Germany (Corridor I)

Prototyping, testing, renewed authorisation for placing in service and the retrofit of Siemens ES64U2 locomotives with ETCS L1/L2 2.3.0.d for Corridor A, B and E networks in DE, AT and HU

Implementation and testing of the interface between the German Baseline 3 system and the Dutch 2.3.0.d ERTMS systems

Preliminary design of Latvian railway network electrification

Bologna AV/AC rail node: construction of a rail section between the node and the Venice line to streamline traffic

Technological upgrading of Turin–Padua line: implementation of technologies for the efficiency of movement in the Milan Railway Hub

Genoa rail node: improvement of the traffic management systems

Treviglio-Brescia HS/HC section: civil works phase

Upgrading of ERTMS system on Trenitalia fleet to 2.3.0.d version

Deployment of ERTMS trackside equipment on the Railway Corridor B Stockholm-Naples/Subpart Fortezza to Verona of the Italian Corridor B part (Brennero-Verona-Naples)

Project-level studies and archaeological excavations of the 2nd phase of the Rhine-Rhone Eastern Branch

Railway bypass round the Lyon conglomeration – Studies in preparation for the northern section implementation phase

Prototyping, testing, certifying and retrofitting of Alstom Prima locomotives for usage on the TEN T corridors

Improving the punctuality and reliability of passenger train traffic – Helsinki City Rail Loop

Regulation 913/2010 concerning a European Rail Network for competitive freight: Implementation of rail freight corridor 4

Studies, managerial structures & activities for the establishment of the Rail Freight Corridor 6 in line with EU Regulation No. 913/2010

Preparatory studies and activities of the organisational structures of Rail Freight Corridor 8 (Bremerhaven/Rotterdam/Antwerp-Aachen/Berlin-Warsaw-Terespol (Poland-Belarus border)/Kaunas)

Studies, managerial structures and activities for the establishment of Rail Freight Corridor 2

Facilitating and speeding up ERTMS deployment

Simulation Environment for Fast ERTMS Validation

Study and implementation of major parts of the Corridor Freight Regulation 913/2010

ERTMS upgrade to ETCS Baseline 2 (version 2.3.0d) for the Perpignan-Figueras high speed line

Preparatory studies for the implementation of additional measures on ERTMS Corridor Rotterdam-Genoa and ERTMS Corridor Antwerp-Basel-Lyon

Adaptation of the Port of Barcelona railway network to standard (UIC) gauge

Track bed works of the sub-sections Amorebieta/Etxano-Lemoa and Lemoa–Galdakao

Platform Works and services for follow-up works on subsection Amorebieta/Etxano-Amorebieta/Etxano

Track bed works of sub-section Durango-Amorebieta/Etxano and services for follow up of works

Track bed works of the sub-section Venta de Baños junction: Valladolid-Burgos and Leon-Palencia-Burgos connections and services for follow up works

ERTMS Deployment on the Madrid-Castilla la Mancha-Comunidad Valenciana-Murcia high speed line. Albacete-Alicante section

Upgrade of Spanish high speed lines and trains to ERTMS 2.3.0.d

Remaining studies to complete the upgrading of the main rail axis Athens-Thessaloniki in the section Athens R.S. (Km 9+700 ) - Aharnes Attica (Km 22+300)

First phase of detailed planning studies - programme phase - for upgrading the railway access lines to the future Fehmarn Belt fixed link - from Ringsted to Roedby

Detailed planning phase studies of removing the bottleneck of the railway section between Vamdrup and Vojens

VDE 8.1, 4-track extension of the Eltersdorf-Paul Gossen Straße section

Upgrade of the Berlin-Halle/Leipzig (VDE 8.3) track from ETCS Level 2, SRS 2.2.2+ to ETCS Level 2, SRS 2.3.0d

Works for the St. Polten freight train pass

Lambach–Breitenschützing line improvements and works

Gap closure east of Amstetten Station

Nuneaton North Chord and Kennett re-signalling Works

Elaboration of the executive design for upgrading of the section of the railway line Poljčane-Pragersko

Completion of the Haparanda Line – an important link in the Bothnian Corridor

Studies supporting the PPP programme for high speed rail implementation in Portugal

Studies for the Alcântara rail grade separation

Feasibility study for the modernisation and extension of the Katowice railway junction

Studies concerning the extension railway yard Maasvlakte West - Phase 1

Studies concerning the construction of the third Track Zevenaar-German border

Adaptation of the existing line between Mulhouse and the border for use by high-speed (TGV) or intercity express (ICE) trains on the Mulhouse-Mullheim (Freiburg) corridor

Railway Kokkola-Ylivieska, PPP procurement process

Railway Seinajoki-Oulu

Studies on improving the Freight Corridor Concept by using Telematic Applications for Freight, and methods, tools and procedures developed by RNE for rail corridors

High speed line Bobadilla-Granada. Studies and pre-design studies

High speed railway line Basque country-French border. Drafting of design studies

PP3 High Speed Line Madrid-Lisbon. Sub-section Madrid-Oropesa. Studies (Phase I)

Felixstowe-Nuneaton route work

ETCS deployment on Corridor VI: Zilina-Cadca-State Border SK/CZ

Nordic Triangle-Malmö C - Completetion works

Deployment of ERTMS in Sweden

Detailed design studies for the high speed railway section Poceirão-Évora, part of the Lisbon-Madrid axis

Detailed design studies for the high speed railway section Moita-Poceirão, part of the Lisbon-Madrid axis

Studies for the implementation of the Portuguese high-speed rail network – PP3 and PP19

Implementation of the European Rail Traffic Management System on the high speed stretch between Lisbon and Caia, an integral part of the Lisbon-Madrid

Preparatory works for the implementation of the connection between the third Tagus crossing and the Oriente-Lisbon station

Project and development of ETCS level 1 system at the section of the E 65, CMK, railway line, Grodzisk Mazowiecki-Zawiercie

Retrofitting of ETCS onboard equipment for locomotives to run in ERTMS Corridor A

Fitting of ETCS onboard equipment to Traxx DABNLs

ERTMS upgrade of existing locomotives to ensure compatibility with SRS 2.3.0d for use in the Betuwe line

Upgrade of ETCS system to 2.3.0d in the Betuwe Route

Optimising Rail Connection Port of Amsterdam - European hinterland (ORCAEU) – Elimination of missing links for intermodal freight transport

Upgrade of the Tortona-Voghera section, Priority Project 24, Final Design

Deployment of ERTMS trackside equipment on the Railway Corridor B Stockholm-Naples: Sub-part from Brenner to Verona of the Italian Corridor B part (Brenner-Naples)

Upgrade of Roma-Napoli and Torino-Novara high speed lines in order to ensure compatibility with ERTMS version 2.3.0d

Hub of Torino, section Susa-Stura, Priority Project 6, removal of bottleneck

Rome Hub, Priority Project no. 1 - upgrade of Rome Tiburtina Station

Retrofitting of MÁV-TRAKCIÓ locomotives with ETCS equipment to be operated on "Corridor E "

High speed line Bretagne–Pays de la Loire

Migration of the French East European High Speed Line to Specification Baseline 2.3.0.d

New high speed railway line "LGV Est " - second phase: section Baudrecourt-Vendenheim

Programme management office for the ERTMS deployment on the corridor from Rotterdam to Genoa

Support to the ERTMS Consolidation

Deployment of ERTMS on Corridor D: Valencia to Budapest

ERTMS implementation on the Railway Corridor C (Antwerpen-Lyon/Basel)

High speed railway line Paris-Madrid: section Mondragón-Elorrio

High speed railway line Madrid-Exremadura-Lisboa: studies and projects section Talayuela-Cáceres, phase II

Madrid-Galicia high speed mixed traffic rail section: La Hiniesta-Perilla-Otero de Bodas-Cernadilla

High speed line Valladolid-Burgos-Vitoria. Track bed works for sub-sections: Nudo Norte de Valladolid-Cabezón de Pisuerga, San Martín de Valvení-Nudo de Venta de Baños y Torquemeda-Quintana del Puente

Equipment with electronic interlocking of the railway line between Emmerich (Dutch-German border) and Basel (German-Swiss border), within Corridor A Rotterdam-Genoa

New railway line (NBS) Ebensfeld-Erfurt: sections in Bavaria (BA 3121 Füllbachtal bridge, BA 3122 Fornbach bridge)

Modernization of railway section Veselí nad Lužnicí-Tabor-II part, section Veselí and Lužnicí-Doubí u Tábora, detailed design documentation

Modernisation of the Tábor-Sudomìøice u Tábora line - detailed design

Modernisation of the Nemanice-Sevetin railway section - preliminary design

Rail Corridor E ERTMS/ETCS in the section of German border-Decín-Prague-Kolín

ERTMS deployment on Corridor B (Stockholm-Naples) Austrian vehicles

ERTMS deployment on Corridor E (Dresden-Constanta) Trackside equipment

ERTMS deployment on Corridor E (Dresden-Constanta) Austrian vehicles

Four-track development of the Western Line, construction project Ybbs-Amstetten, Burgstaller Tunnel (skeleton construction)

Four-track development of the Western Line Vienna-Salzburg: gap closure St. Pölten-Loosdorf (freight rail bypass) bridge construction works

Four-track development of the Western Line Vienna-Linz: Melk railway station

Ballymena-Derry: track life extension

Modernisation of corridor, state border CR/SR - Cadca-Krásno nad Kysucou (outside) railway track

Working out of preliminary studies for the construction of the new line of high capacity/high speed line Ljubljana-Zidani Most

Working out of preliminary studies for the construction of the new line of high capacity/high speed line Divača-Ljubljana

Nordic Triangle - Reconstruction of Malmö Central

Nordic Triangle: Götaland Line - (Borås-Jönköping-Linköping) - High Speed Line

Preliminary feasibility study for the task: modernisation and expansion of the Katowice railway junction

Deployment of ETCS Level 1 on Luxembourg railway network

Completion of final design of the Treviglio-Brescia Section, on the Milano-Verona high speed/high capacity line

Removal of the bottleneck of Cattolica tunnel to allow the transit of high-cube container trains along the Adriatic Corridor

Rail project Lyon-Turin: studies on French access routes to base tunnel

High Speed Line Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (HSL PACA)

National Railway Yard (Ilmala)


Feasibility study on international rail real time traffic monitoring and electronic path request systems

Corridor linking Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-Figueras-Perpignan-Montpellier-Nimes: railway bypass of Figueras

Upgrading of the Barcelona-France line and access for operating an international gauge

High Speed railway Madrid-Galicia-Portugal. Works in the section Olmedo-Pozal

Studies and projects for the development of the rail section Talayuela-Cáceres

Preliminary planning for the electrification of Markt Schwaben-Tüßling-Freilassing

Studies for the removal of the level crossings on the section Oberhausen-Emmerich

Optimisation of Railway section Prague Hostivar - Prague main railway station detailed design

Implementation of the GSM-R system in Slovenian railway network

Haparanda Line

Nordic Triangle: Ostlanken (Jarna-Linköping)

Works for construction of Citytunnel project

Studies and works in the high speed railway axis of southwest Europe (PP3) - Lisbon-Madrid Axis: Third Tagus Crossing (TTC)

Retrofit of 90 Siemens ES64F4 E-locomotives with Alstom ETCS L2 equipment for usage on EU freight corridors and various conventional networks

ERTMS implementation the Railway Corridor Rotterdam-Genoa- Netherlands part - Section Port Railway of Rotterdam

Serial fitment of onboard ETCS equipment SRS 2.3.0 in 109 freight locomotives

Works for replacement of legacy systems by 15/25 kVAC on one of the remaining sections in the Netherlands of the railway corridor Rotterdam-Genoa

1) Reconstruction/upgrading: cross-border section north Valmiera-Valka and cross-border section south Jelgava-LT border 2) Reconstruction/upgrading Sigulda-Valmiera

Studies for a European gauge line (Latvian studies)

EuroCapRail: modernisation of the Brussels-Luxembourg-Strasbourg rail axis

Studies for Rail Baltica, Lithuanian part

1) Upgrading of existing railway line on the cross-border section PL/LT state border-Marijampole 2) Cross-border section Siauliai - LV border. Reconstruction/upgrading 

Preliminary and detailed design for the rehabilitation of a railway link between Civitavecchia Port and TEN-T Priority Axis no. 1 in Orte

Trackside ERTMS equipment on Italian part of Corridor A (600 km)

Migration towards ERTMS/ETCS for Trenitalia on-board equipment

Railway node of Genova - Study for upgradingthe section Genova Voltri-Genova Brignole

Section Ronchi Sud-Trieste: Priority Project 6 - national section

Southern access line to Brenner

Dublin Interconnector Tunnel study - design and railway order phase

FEREX - Ferihegy Express - Preparation study of a PPP project for railway link between Budapest city centre and Budapest Ferihegy (TEN-T) International Airport

Preparation of design for approval for the railway line section Biatorbagy (incl.)-Tata (excl.)

Studies for preparation of approval of the railway line section Budapest-Keleti-Miskolc-Nyiregyhaza

Lyon-Turin railway project: French accesses to the Base Tunnel

High Speed Line Bretagne - "Pays de la Loire "

Works for high speed line Rhine-Rhône - Eastern section

New railway high speed line "LGV Est "Second phase: section Baudrecourt-Vendenheim

High Speed Railway Line Paris-Madrid: Bordeaux-Spanish border

High speed railway line Paris-Madrid: Elimination of rail bottlenecks around Bordeaux

High speed railway line between Nîmes and Perpignan, works and studies for bypassing Nîmes and Montpellier

Railway Seinäjoki-Oulu (2007-2009)

Works for the development of the railway connection between Helsinki airport and the PP12 lines

Main railway connection to Russian border, works for development of railway section between Lahti and Vainikkala

Rail connection from Kouvola to Kotka/Hamina ports, works for improving and construction of a new railway yard

Development of the Railway Common Interface and Reference File Database Software in support of the TAF-TSI

High Speed Railway Line Paris-Madrid: Section Abadiño-Durango

ERTMS on-board equipment of Thalys locomotives

Programme Management Office for the ERTMS deployment on the corridor Rotterdam-Genoa

EEIG: ERTMS Users Group - testing activities

"Iron Rhine "

Studies for the development of the Railway Priority Project 22

Studies and Works in the High-Speed Rail Interoperability in Iberian Peninsula (PP19) - Oporto-Vigo Axis: Cross-Border Section Ponte de Lima-Vigo

Freight Railway Axis Sines-Madrid-Paris: New high capacity line through the Pyrenees

Cross-border railway line Trieste/Divaca: study and design of the Trieste-Divaca-Ljubljana-Budapest-Ukrainian border

New Lyon-Turin Rail Link - Franco-Italian Common Part of the International Section (Studies and Works)

Works for construction of a high speed railway section between Perpignan and Figueras

Studies and Works for the High-Speed Railway Axis of South-West Europe (PP3) - Lisbon-Madrid Axis: Cross-Border Section Evora-Merida

High speed railway line Paris-Madrid: section Vitoria-Dax

Priority Project TEN no. 1 Brenner Base Tunnel - Studies

Priority Project TEN no. 1 Brenner Base Tunnel - Works

Works for the construction of the high speed line between Madrid-Barcelona-French border (Platform Works) 

High speed railway line Paris-Madrid: section Arrazua/Ubarrundia - Mondragón

High Speed Railway Line Paris-Madrid: Valladolid-Burgos-Vitoria

High Speed Railway Line Paris-Madrid: Valladolid-Burgos

High Speed Railway Line Paris-Madrid: New Railway Network Guipúzcoano

Railway line between Antirrio and Ioannina, studies for designing of the new line Antirrio-Ioannina

Cross-border section Tartu-Valga railway reconstruction / upgrading

Studies for a European gauge line for Rail Baltica (Estonian section)

Studies for upgrading the railway access lines to the future Fehmarn Belt fixed link - from Ringsted to Rødby and the intersection in Kastrup

Studies for the capacity improvements of the section between Copenhagen and Ringsted

Equipment of the Railion Deutschland AG locomotives

Equipment with ETCS of the railway section Emmerich (border)-Oberhausen as part of the Corridor A Rotterdam-Genoa

ETCS Trackside equipment of the first part (Aachen-Oberausen) of the German part of the Corridor F Aachen-Warsaw/Belarus

Works for construction and re-construction of the partially existing railway section between Karlsruhe and Basel

Studies and works for the upgrading of the high speed railway line Duisburg-Emmerich

Studies for the construction of the high speed section between Frankfurt and Mannheim

Studies for connecting the German hinterland to the future Fehmarn Belt fixed link, rail section Lübeck-Puttgarten

Works for construction and modernisation of the section between Kehl-Appenweier

Works for the construction of the high speed line between Stuttgart and Wendlingen

Works and studies for upgrading of the section München-Mühldorf-Freilassing, cross-border section DE/AT

Works for the construction of a high speed line between Wendlingen and Ulm

Works for the construction of the high speed rail line section between Saarbrücken and Ludwigshafen


Works for the construction of the section between Erfurt and Halle/Gröbers

Reconstruction of the Olomouc railway station

Reconstruction of the Railway Station Přerov

ERTMS deployment on Corridor E (Dresden-Budapest): on-board equipment of Ceské dráhy, a.s.

Study for the upgrading of the railway line on the section Blazovice-Nezamyslice

Geotechnical and design studies for the construction of new rail connection Praha-Beroun

Technical assistance for restoration of design parameters along Ruse-Varna railway line

PBKAL: Belgian part of the northern European high speed network

Euro Cap Rail on the Brussels-Luxembourg-Strasbourg railway axis

Diabolo: Rail link of the Zaventem airport to the Thalys high speed network

ERTMS deployment on Corridor B (Stockholm-Naples) - Austrian section

Works for the modernisation of the cross border section Salzburg–German border

Works and studies for upgrading the Wien-Bratislava railway line (6 sub-projects)

Works for construction of new high speed line between Kundl/Radfeld and Baumkirchen

Preparation of background document and feasibility study of the railway infrastructure development in the area of Ljubljana hub

Design for obtaining building permit for the reconstruction and electrification of the existing railway line Pragersko-Hodos

Detailed technical planning for ERTMS on Botniabanan

Preparation of modernisation and extension of Warsaw railway junction

Luxembourg station - north sector: Capacity and safety increase

Preparation of territorial planning documents and technical designs for Rail Baltica link from Lithuanian/Polish border to Kaunas

Study on the migration from the system SCMT to ETCS

Preparation of Detailed Design and Tender Documentation (Infrastructure and Signalling) for the Implementation Works of the Railways Line Szekesfehervar-Boba

Preparation of Design and Tender Documentation for Railways Station Szolnok, Detailed Design and Tender Documentation for Railways Line Debrecen-Záhony, Preparation activities for ETCS2 and for Sub-Stations for Szajol-Záhony Railways Line Section

High speed railway line "LGV Est " section Vaires-Baudrecourt-Saarbrücken: Migration of ERTMS, corridor Paris-Frankfurt

TGV Sud: Nîmes-Montpellier-Perpignan section (preliminary studies) and terminal installations in the Perpignan-Figueras section

ERTMS development and consolidation

Infrastructure design of the connection of Kavala's freight port and the existing railway network with new single normal gauge railway line phase B

Suburban rail of Attica: Development studies

ETCS Pilot POS Nord

Studies for the Fehmarn belt Fixed Rail-Road Link

Studies for the Fehmarn belt Fixed Rail-Road Link

Railway link Paris-East-France-South-West-Germany, Upgrade of the Ludwigshafen-Saarbrücken section

New high-speed line between Karlsruhe and Basel, partly with reconstruction of the existing line

North-South high speed line Berlin-Palermo, section between Nuremberg and Ebensfeld, part Nuremberg-Fürth

North-South high speed line Berlin-Palermo, nodal point Berlin: Main and Südkreuz railway stations

Upgrade of Augsburg-Olching section for high speed railway traffic

Studies for the new construction of the Stuttgart-Ulm high speed line

Studies concerning the optimisation of the railway section between Mosty u Jablunkova at the Slovakian Border and Bystřice nad Olší

Studies concerning the construction of a new line on the railway section Ústí nad Olricí-Chocen and the passage through railway junction Ústí nad Olricí – Preliminary design, territorial and technical study and detailed design

Studies concerning the modernisation of the railway track line Blazovice-Nezamyslice: preliminary design, EIA, geotechnical documentation

Upgrading of the railway track Púchov-Žilina to a speed of 160 km/h

Studies on the railway interconnection of the TEN-T rail corridor with the airport and Bratislava rail network

ERTMS Test section for Botniabanan 2005-2007

Feasibility study and technical studies of the GSM-R system in TEN-T Rail network in Poland

Feasibility Studies on a Railway Information Service System for Passengers and Enterprise Customers – SITKol

Feasibility Study of modernisation of railway line C-E 65 (Gdynia)-Tczew-Bydgoszcz-Inowroc³aw-Zduñska Wola-Karsznice- Tarnowskie Góry-Pszczyna

Type approval of the first locomotive equipped with ETCS

Modification of Rotterdam Central Station in connection with PBKAL project Amsterdam-Dutch/Belgian border

Integration of Riga City and Riga Port into the TEN-T network: Completion of studies for Riga Northern Transport Corridor

New AV/AC line Venezia-Trieste-(Lubiana) in Italian territory: sections project

Strenghtening of the Turin-Modane line and Turin freight belt

WEST-EAST RAIL AXIS: Improvement of vertical links to third countries, nodes and links to industrial areas

South Europe Atlantic high speed line - Angoulême-Bordeaux section - Studies

High speed line east – Vaires-Baudrecourt section: new maintenance facility at Ourcq and new stations

New Lyon-Turin Rail Link – International Section

Planning for the upgrading of the railway connection line NL/D border-Emmerich-Oberhausen

Technical and economic study for the section: Modernisation of the Rokycany-Plzen railway line

Equipment of A-Network with ETCS Level 1 Phase 1: Linz-Salzburg and Wels-Passau

Technical documentation for the construction of the 2nd track of the railway line Divaèa-Koper

Modernisation of E59 railway line on section Poznañ-Szczecin-Swinoujscie

Modernisation of E30 railway line (III Corridor) on section Kraków-Medyka - state border

New AV/AC Venezia-Trieste-(Lubiana) line in italian territory: section project

Study on the rehabilitation of the railway line section Székesfehérvár-Boba

Study on the rehabilitation of the railway line section Szajol-Záhony

New Lyon-Turin rail link, international section

Optimisation of the Railway Section Břeclav - Czech/Slovak State Border

Prague-Linz-Maribor rail connection: technical, construction and alignment designs for the two tracks construction in section Werndorf South- Spielfeld (Sentilj)

ERTMS Botniabanan: Planning and detailed technical design of the signalling system compliant with the ERTMS standard for the Botniabanan line

Upgrade of the Turin-Modane line and the Turin freight bypass

Study and implementation of the migration of the DB ERTMS/ETCS pilot project for installation in the Munich-Ingolstadt-Nurnberg section

High Speed Railway Line Madrid-Barcelona-French border

New high speed line Leipzig-Dresden, Dresden hbf-Neustadt section