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Traffic Management Systems (TMS) are solutions to apply information and communication technologies to the transport sector. Through TMS, transport can be made safer, cheaper, more reliable and "greener" and can often be done rapidly and with a smaller financial effort compared to other solutions. Some TMS applications are inherently easy to understand and we encounter them in our daily lives. Car satellite navigation systems or booking portals for train services fall under this category. Others, such as ERTMS and SESAR for instance, are less known by the general public, but are nevertheless of paramount importance for transport.

The Agency manages a number of TMS projects, spanning all the major transport sectors (road, rail, air, water) and encourages the deployment of TMS services across all transport sectors, in line with the European Commission's priorities.

The total co-financing for the TMS projects managed by the Agency is over €1 billion for the 2007-2013 funding period.

The Agency groups the main TMS projects according to mode:
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) - TMS for Road
GALILEO - European global navigation satellite system (GNSS)
European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) - TMS for Rail
SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) - TMS for Air
River Information Services (RIS) - TMS for Inland Waterways

Please note that the listing below is not exhaustive. More project information will be added as this website continues to be enhanced.

Retrofitting of 10 Macquarie Rail TRAXX DACHI locomotives to ETCS 2.3.0d

ERTMS/ETCS Deployment on the Slovenian sections of Corridor D (Pivka-Murska Sobota and Divaca-Koper)

Upgrade/Retrofitment of Locomotives with ETCS

Retrofitment of ETCS 2.3.0d on 15 Class 66 Locomotives owned by Ascendos Rail Leasing Sarl

ETCS Baseline 3 On-Board Tests Campaign

Fitment, Test and Interoperability Test for Onboard ERTMS Baseline 3

Development of the ETCS Baseline 3 cab signalling system on driving cab I11

Installation of the ETCS cab signalling system on 64 cabs of M6 double-deck carriages used for the operation of the Brussels-Luxembourg intercity line

Retrofitment of  ETCS 2.3.0d on 10 Class 66 Locomotives owned by Crossrail Benelux NV

Upgrade to an uniform Swedish system requirement for ERTMS, Level 2

ERTMS equipment of 20 Siemens Vectron AC/MS locomotives authorised in DE/AT/HU

Maasvlakte 2 ERTMS

Upgrade of Roma-Napoli high speed line in order to ensure compatibility with ERTMS baseline 2.3.0d

Equipment of ETR 1000 trainsets with ETCS Baseline 2 release 2.3.0d

Off-site and field testing to support Italian ERTMS migration strategy


Facilitating and speeding up ERTMS - Second phase

Deployment of ERTMS On Board-equipment in Sweden 2012-2015

Early deployment of ERTMS Baseline 3 in Denmark

Upgrade, prototyping, retrofitting and testing LOKOMOTION locomotives to ETCS 2.3.0d / Baseline 3

ETCS equipment of DB Schenker Rail locomotives for interoperable freight traffic on ERTMS Corridor A

ETCS equipment of DB Schenker Rail locomotives for interoperable freight traffic in Austria

Deployment of ETCS on railway lines in Belgium

Development of ERTMS/ETCS Level 1 system on the E20/CE20 line, at the Kunowice-Warsaw section

Retrofitting of 9 ES64U4 "Husarz " (EU44) locomotives with ETCS SRS 3.x.0 and line tests on the railway infrastructure equipped with ETCS Level 1 and 2 SRS 2.3.0d in Poland, Czech Republic and Austria

Prototyping, testing, renewed authorisation for placing in service and the retrofit of Siemens ES64U2 locomotives with ETCS L1/L2 2.3.0.d for Corridor A, B and E networks in DE, AT and HU

Implementation and testing of the interface between the German Baseline 3 system and the Dutch 2.3.0.d ERTMS systems

Upgrading of ERTMS system on Trenitalia fleet to 2.3.0.d version

Deployment of ERTMS trackside equipment on the Railway Corridor B Stockholm-Naples/Subpart Fortezza to Verona of the Italian Corridor B part (Brennero-Verona-Naples)

Prototyping, testing, certifying and retrofitting of Alstom Prima locomotives for usage on the TEN T corridors

Facilitating and speeding up ERTMS deployment

Simulation Environment for Fast ERTMS Validation

Study and implementation of major parts of the Corridor Freight Regulation 913/2010

ERTMS upgrade to ETCS Baseline 2 (version 2.3.0d) for the Perpignan-Figueras high speed line

Preparatory studies for the implementation of additional measures on ERTMS Corridor Rotterdam-Genoa and ERTMS Corridor Antwerp-Basel-Lyon

ERTMS Deployment on the Madrid-Castilla la Mancha-Comunidad Valenciana-Murcia high speed line. Albacete-Alicante section

Upgrade of Spanish high speed lines and trains to ERTMS 2.3.0.d

Upgrade of the Berlin-Halle/Leipzig (VDE 8.3) track from ETCS Level 2, SRS 2.2.2+ to ETCS Level 2, SRS 2.3.0d

Studies on improving the Freight Corridor Concept by using Telematic Applications for Freight, and methods, tools and procedures developed by RNE for rail corridors

ETCS deployment on Corridor VI: Zilina-Cadca-State Border SK/CZ

Deployment of ERTMS in Sweden

Implementation of the European Rail Traffic Management System on the high speed stretch between Lisbon and Caia, an integral part of the Lisbon-Madrid

Project and development of ETCS level 1 system at the section of the E 65, CMK, railway line, Grodzisk Mazowiecki-Zawiercie

Retrofitting of ETCS onboard equipment for locomotives to run in ERTMS Corridor A

Fitting of ETCS onboard equipment to Traxx DABNLs

ERTMS upgrade of existing locomotives to ensure compatibility with SRS 2.3.0d for use in the Betuwe line

Upgrade of ETCS system to 2.3.0d in the Betuwe Route

Deployment of ERTMS trackside equipment on the Railway Corridor B Stockholm-Naples: Sub-part from Brenner to Verona of the Italian Corridor B part (Brenner-Naples)

Upgrade of Roma-Napoli and Torino-Novara high speed lines in order to ensure compatibility with ERTMS version 2.3.0d

Retrofitting of MÁV-TRAKCIÓ locomotives with ETCS equipment to be operated on "Corridor E "

Migration of the French East European High Speed Line to Specification Baseline 2.3.0.d

Programme management office for the ERTMS deployment on the corridor from Rotterdam to Genoa

Upgrade of locomotives with onboard ETCS equipment

Support to the ERTMS Consolidation

Deployment of ERTMS on Corridor D: Valencia to Budapest

ERTMS implementation on the Railway Corridor C (Antwerpen-Lyon/Basel)

Equipment of freight locomotives with ETCS on-board-units according to SRS 2.3.0.d

Rail Corridor E ERTMS/ETCS in the section of German border-Decín-Prague-Kolín

ERTMS deployment on Corridor B (Stockholm-Naples) Austrian vehicles

ERTMS deployment on Corridor E (Dresden-Constanta) Trackside equipment

ERTMS deployment on Corridor E (Dresden-Constanta) Austrian vehicles

Deployment of ETCS Level 1 on Luxembourg railway network


Feasibility study on international rail real time traffic monitoring and electronic path request systems

Implementation of the GSM-R system in Slovenian railway network

Retrofit of 90 Siemens ES64F4 E-locomotives with Alstom ETCS L2 equipment for usage on EU freight corridors and various conventional networks

ERTMS implementation the Railway Corridor Rotterdam-Genoa- Netherlands part - Section Port Railway of Rotterdam

Serial fitment of onboard ETCS equipment SRS 2.3.0 in 109 freight locomotives

ERTMS implementation on the railway corridor Rotterdam-Genoa-Netherlands Part-Kijfhoek & Zevenaar

Trackside ERTMS equipment on Italian part of Corridor A (600 km)

Migration towards ERTMS/ETCS for Trenitalia on-board equipment

ERTMS on-board equipment of Thalys locomotives

Programme Management Office for the ERTMS deployment on the corridor Rotterdam-Genoa

Deployment of ERTMS on the corridor Antwerp-Basel/Lyon

ERTMS Implementation on the Railway Corridor D (Valencia-Budapest)

EEIG: ERTMS Users Group - testing activities

Equipment of the Railion Deutschland AG locomotives

Equipment with ETCS of the railway section Emmerich (border)-Oberhausen as part of the Corridor A Rotterdam-Genoa

ETCS Trackside equipment of the first part (Aachen-Oberausen) of the German part of the Corridor F Aachen-Warsaw/Belarus

ERTMS deployment on Corridor E (Dresden-Budapest): on-board equipment of Ceské dráhy, a.s.

Corridor E: Trackside equipment in the Czech Republic

ERTMS deployment on Corridor B (Stockholm-Naples) - Austrian section

Detailed technical planning for ERTMS on Botniabanan

Study on the migration from the system SCMT to ETCS

ERTMS installation on the High Speed section Bologna-Firenze

High speed railway line "LGV Est " section Vaires-Baudrecourt-Saarbrücken: Migration of ERTMS, corridor Paris-Frankfurt

ERTMS development and consolidation

ETCS Pilot POS Nord

ERTMS Test section for Botniabanan 2005-2007

Feasibility study and technical studies of the GSM-R system in TEN-T Rail network in Poland

Type approval of the first locomotive equipped with ETCS

Equipment of A-Network with ETCS Level 1 Phase 1: Linz-Salzburg and Wels-Passau

ERTMS Botniabanan: Planning and detailed technical design of the signalling system compliant with the ERTMS standard for the Botniabanan line

Study and implementation of the migration of the DB ERTMS/ETCS pilot project for installation in the Munich-Ingolstadt-Nurnberg section