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Co-modality Co-modality

Co-modality and its related projects involve the efficient use of different transport modes on their own and in combination.

Please note that the listing below is not exhaustive. More project information will be added as this website continues to be enhanced.

Belfast Inter-modal Transport Hub - improving intermodal connection on the TEN-T Core Network

The BIMH - Bucharest-Ilfov Multimodal Hub: preparatory studies

Cargo Tim - Study for the Development of the Infrastructure of the Intermodal Freight Transport at the Timisoara International Airport

Technical and environmental documentation for modal integration of Wroclaw Airport

Port of Ravenna Fast Corridor

Study for the creation of the integrated intermodal logistic system in Port of Taranto back area

Dublin Port Alexandra Basin Redevelopment Project - Creating Capacity and Removing a Bottleneck on an Inter-Modal Transfer Point on Priority Project 26

Study for establishment of a new intermodal terminal at BASF ESPAÑOLA, SL in Tarragona -Spain- for modal shift between rail and road

The Igelsta Project

The Iron Ore Port - Upgrading of infratructure to and within Port of Luleå

Rosersberg intermodal terminal. Construction work for transfer-yard

High efficient container terminal boosting multi modal freight and connecting information flows between Rotterdam and the European hinterland

Planning study for Greenport Venlo Rail Terminal (Venlo, Holland)

Genoa Airport / TEN-T railway corridor Genoa-Rotterdam link

Multimodal corridor Amsterdam-Marseille: rail and water multimodal solutions for freight stakeholders

Rail and river services for the Havre multimodal site

TSCO – Container Terminal of South-West France

SWIFTLY Green (Sweden-Italy Freight Transport and Logistics Green Corridor)

Efficient Operations and Environmental Performance Improvement of the Port of Bilbao

Reinforcement of short sea shipping in the Port of Barcelona through the development of a maritime station

Interzalia: Intermodal Station Project in Zalia

Construction of the underground line section and the "Frankfurt (M) Gateway Gardens/Flughafen Terminal 2 " station - Ensuring the sustainability of intermodal transport links at Frankfurt Airport

Intermodal terminal MELNIK

Expansion of the tri-modal inland port by land recovery

Southampton Port to West Coast Main Line: rail freight upgrade and hinterland connections

Studies for developing the intermodal passenger and freight transport infrastructure at the Cluj-Napoca International Airport

Realisation of the most sustainable container terminal in Europe which will increase intermodal transport between the Port of Rotterdam and the European Hinterland

Development of four multimodal platforms of the Seine-North Europe canal as well as their road and rail links. Preliminary studies stage

Study for the creation of the intermodal platform Seine-Metropole Port on the Seine River

Consolidation and strengthening of the corridor Upper Rhine as a central hub for the TEN-T network

Sea2Sea: Developing a multimodal freight corridor to connect the Aegean to the Black Sea

Liège CAREX: studies with a view to the construction of a railport on the Liège Airport site

Linz Trimodal

Freight Terminal Wolfurt – Planning

Port Salford

Felixstowe Rail Terminal - Improving intermodal transfer and removing bottleneck on PP26

Preparation of detailed design for Valencia-Fuente de San Luis and Madrid-Vicálvaro railway freight terminals

Muelle Prat rail terminal

Terminal Wien Inzersdorf - Planning, (PP 17 – Section: Vienna-Salzburg)

Intermodal Terminal Wörgl (TEN-T Priority Project 1 - Section Kufstein-Innsbruck)

Study or bergmo-Orio al serio airport intermodality development

Baltic Transport Outlook 2030

Intermodal logistics platform Vilamalla/el Far d'Empordà: previous studies and projects for the establishment of an intermodal logistics platform to the south of the Spanish-French border

Feasibility study and preliminary design of an integrated multimodal transport system

Feasibility study of Marco Polo Venice International Airport Intermodality Node


Study on the external costs and charging of the terrestrial modes on the Paris-Amsterdam corridor

Establishment of infrastructure facilities at Norra Hamnen in Malmö for modal shift between sea, rail and road

Integrated railway transport system: the Port of Genova and the hinterland railway terminal of Alessandria

Studies for standardisation and upgrading design for the existing Patras-Pyrgos-Kalamata railway

Railway line between Antirrio and Ioannina, studies for designing of the new line Antirrio-Ioannina

The Marselis Tunnel Project - Aarhus, Denmark

Technical assistance for construction of intermodal terminal in Central-South Planning Development Region in Bulgaria - Plovdiv

Technical assistance for construction of intermodal terminal in Central-North Planning Development Region in Bulgaria-Ruse

Improvement of rail connections and facilities for the Port of Göteborg