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PP04 (LGV Est Européenne) comprises 579 kilometres of high speed rail lines between France, Luxembourg and Germany. PP04 is intended to speed up connections between Paris and the regions of northern, western and southwestern France, as well as northeastern France, Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. On a European scale, PP04 complements PP17, the major European project linking Paris to Bratislava. By making the regions of eastern France more accessible, PP4 also offers new opportunities for personal mobility and economic development in the areas it serves.


More specifically, PP04 comprises:


  • 300 kilometres of new high speed line between Paris and Baudrecourt (Moselle)
  • 179 kilometres of line to be upgraded between Baudrecourt, Saarbrücken and Mannheim (on the Paris-Metz-Frankfurt rail route)
  • 100 kilometres of upgraded lines between Baudrecourt, Metz and Luxembourg.
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Works for the construction of the high speed rail line section between Saarbrücken and Ludwigshafen

Railway link Paris-East-France-South-West-Germany, Upgrade of the Ludwigshafen-Saarbrücken section