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Priority Project 25 Priority Project 25

Motorway axis Gdańsk–Brno/Bratislava-Vienna

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The route is a prolongation of the former pan-European transport corridor VI, identified at the Crete (1994) and Helsinki (1997) conferences which connected Gdańsk via Katowice to Žilina (Slovakia) and through a western branch via Brno to Vienna.


The corridor was identified as a multimodal north-south axis to create a complex multimodal transport system for goods and passengers with the port of Gdańsk, rail and roads. PP25 touches upon four Member States: Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia. Its western branch passes through Brno, the second largest city of the Czech Republic on its way to Vienna (950 km), while its eastern branch passes through Žilina, a city of growing importance regarding automotive production in Slovakia, to the country’s capital Bratislava (890 km). It involves the construction of a new motorway with two lanes in both directions. On some sections between Katowice and Brno/Žilina, existing roads will be upgraded.


The project also includes the construction of an access link to the port of Gdańsk where a new container and ferry terminal is planned. The motorway projects are included in the respective national development plans of the four Member States. Works have already started on most sections; some subsections in all four countries are already completed.

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Elaboration of the project documenttion for reconstruction of the national road n°1 to an expressway on the section Podwarpie-Dąbrowa Górnicza

Elaboration of the technical documentation for S1 Expressway construction on the section from Kosztowy II Interchange in Myslowice to Suchy Potok Interchange in Bielsko-Biala

Technical documentation for the construction of S-69 expressway Bielsko Biała-Żywiec-Zwardoń, section Przybędza-Milówka (Węgierska Górka bypass)

Pre-investment studies for Motorway D3 Cadca-Svrcinovec

Studies Motorway M1 Turany-Hubova

Design study for construction and tender documents for motorway A1 – section Toruñ-Stryków

Feasibility studies for S-1 expressway section from Kosztowy II interchange in Myslowice to Suchy Potok interchange in Bielsko-Biala

Pre-investment study for the motorway D3 Svrèinovec-Skalité