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Priority Project 23 Priority Project 23

Railway axis Gdańsk–Warszawa–Brno/Bratislava-Wien

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This axis mainly involves modernisation and upgrading of the rail route - part of the former pan-European transport corridor VI identified at the Crete (1994) and Helsinki (1997) conferences - which connects Gdańsk via Katowice and Žilina to Bratislava and through a western branch via Brno to Vienna. The corridor was identified as a multimodal north-south axis to create a complex multimodal transport system for goods and passengers with the port of Gdańsk, rail and roads. The axis touches upon four Member States: Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia. Its western branch passes through Brno, the second largest city of the Czech Republic, while its eastern branch passes through Žilina, a city of
growing importance with regard to automotive production in Slovakia, to the country’s capital Bratislava. The modernisation of the rail lines and the construction of container terminals for example at Gdańsk and Sławków/Katowice should generate better conditions for the development of effective intermodal transport. The works will allow increased speeds on the rail network: 160 km/h for passenger trains, up to 250 km/h for some sections in Poland and 120 km/h for freight trains in general. They will also reinforce the attractiveness of rail, enabling a modal shift from road to rail.

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Future Baltic-Adriatic core network: construction of a rail bridge at Stein crossing river Drau

Feasibility study for the modernisation and extension of the Katowice railway junction

ETCS deployment on Corridor VI: Zilina-Cadca-State Border SK/CZ

Project and development of ETCS level 1 system at the section of the E 65, CMK, railway line, Grodzisk Mazowiecki-Zawiercie

Modernisation of corridor, state border CR/SR - Cadca-Krásno nad Kysucou (outside) railway track

Preliminary feasibility study for the task: modernisation and expansion of the Katowice railway junction

Reconstruction of the Railway Station Přerov

Study for the upgrading of the railway line on the section Blazovice-Nezamyslice

Preparation of modernisation and extension of Warsaw railway junction

Studies concerning the optimisation of the railway section between Mosty u Jablunkova at the Slovakian Border and Bystřice nad Olší

Studies concerning the modernisation of the railway track line Blazovice-Nezamyslice: preliminary design, EIA, geotechnical documentation

Upgrading of the railway track Púchov-Žilina to a speed of 160 km/h