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Priority Project 19 Priority Project 19

High-speed rail interoperability in the Iberian Peninsula

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This project involves the construction and the upgrading of high performance lines and the installation of dual-gauge (polyvalent) sleepers, third rails or axle-gauge changeover stations on the Spanish and Portuguese high speed rail networks, in order to make them fully interoperable with the rest of the trans-European rail network.


The project will provide high speed rail access to the biggest cities of Spain and Portugal and will target five corridors: Madrid-Andalusia, northeast, Madrid-Levante/ Mediterranean, north/northwest corridor, including Vigo-Porto, and Extremadura. The project will be implemented in compliance with Directive 2008/57/EC on interoperability, and will incorporate ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System).


The project will allow the creation of a fully interoperable high speed rail network on the Iberian peninsula connected to the rest of Europe. Moreover, the higher availability of the conventional rail network for freight traffic will contribute to the development of trans-European rail freight corridors.


Mr Carlo Secchi was nominated European Coordinator for this Priority Project in July 2009.

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