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Priority Project 18 Priority Project 18

Waterway axis Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube

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PP18 crosses Europe transversally from the North Sea at Rotterdam to the Black Sea in Romania. The Meuse and the Rhine rivers are the entrance gates for the Belgian and Dutch inland waterways to this Priority Project corridor, linking the northern ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp but also offering a connection towards the Seine-Northern Europe Canal, part of PP30. The Rhine river, through the Main river and the Main-Danube Canal, is connected to the Danube river that flows until the Black Sea. This corridor is one of the longest ones in the Trans-European Transport Network and crosses both EU countries and non-Member States.


In recognition of the complexity and multifaceted aspects presented by this project and of PP30, Inland Waterway Seine-Scheldt, Mrs Karla Peijs was appointed European Coordinator for Inland Waterways by the European Commission in September 2007.

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Upgrade of the Danube Straubing-Vilshofen subsection 1 (Straubing-Deggendorf), design and approval planning + public consultation within the frame of the planning approval procedure

Studies for the expansion of the trimodal Port of Linz (Priority Axis 18)

High-performance Green Port Giurgiu

LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube

Expansion of the tri-modal inland port by land recovery

Project Documentation and Modernisation of Bratislava old bridge

D. A. N. U. B. E.: Danube Access Network - Unlocking Bottlenecks in Europe, by developing a high quality TEN-T ports infrastructure in Romania on optimal economic terms - Feasibility study phase

Maasroute, Upgrade of inland waterways from class Va to class Vb specifications

Improvement of the navigability on the Danube

Independent variant research on the development of the Danube between Straubing and Vilshofen

New construction of the rail bridge above the Danube at Deggendorf

Construction of a 225 x 25 m chamber navigation lock, its ancillary works and a pumping station/hydroelectric power plant on the Albert Canal, to the east of the existing lock complex at Lanaye

Studies for the construction of a 225m x 25m (Class VIb) lock in Huy (Ampsin-Neuville) and the works of a 225m x 25m (classe VIb) lock in Flémalle (Ivoz-Ramet), both on the Meuse river

Implementation integrated river engineering project Danube East of Vienna