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Priority Project 13 Priority Project 13

Road axis United Kingdom/Ireland/Benelux

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PP13 aims at improving the links between Britain and Ireland on the one hand and Northern Europe on the other. To this purpose new roads are being constructed - in particular in Ireland - and existing roads are being upgraded to motorway, expressway, dual and single carriageway standards. Some stretches of the route will be equipped with traffic management systems. The route will link the British east coast North Sea ports of Felixstowe and Harwich with Anglesey in North Wales, Liverpool in North West England, and Stranraer in Scotland. Ferry links connect the route to Northern Ireland, where it continues from Larne in the north east and travels south via Belfast across the border to Dublin and then on to Cork. It also complements the east coast rail line (PP09). Taken together, these schemes should lead to shortened journey times between mainland Europe and the islands, increased capacity, reduction of bottlenecks, fewer accidents and fewer negative environmental impacts.

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A8 Dualling Between Ballyrickard Roundabout and Coleman's Corner

Accelerating the introduction of Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging by studying adoption and use along PP axes 13 and 26 in the UK and Ireland

A8 Belfast to Larne (Coleman's Corner to Ballyrickard Road)

A14 Corridor traffic management scheme

Package for improvements and upgrade of road infrastructure on Priority Project 13: sections of A14, M6 and A1