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Nordic Triangle railway/road axis

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The Nordic Triangle links the Nordic countries of Sweden and Finland and their capitals to each other and improves passenger and freight transport from the region to central Europe, the Baltic countries, and Russia. The multimodal scheme involves the upgrading road, rail and maritime infrastructures in both countries.


The Nordic Triangle in Sweden extends to include Øresund fixed link (PP11).

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Design studies for upgrading of E4 to motorway as a part of the Nordic Triangle at Ljungby in Sweden

Planning of the railway section Helsinki–Riihimäki

The Gothenburg Port Line - railway bridge at Marieholm

Completion of the railway tunnel through Hallandsås – a priority project in the Nordic Triangle

Design studies for expansion to four tracks of Nordic Triangle at Flackarp-Arlöv in Sweden

Stockholm Bypass, tunnel safety studies

Upgrading of maritime infrastructure in Lake Malaren

Western link - railway tunnel in Gothenburg

Improving the punctuality and reliability of passenger train traffic – Helsinki City Rail Loop

E18 Hamina bypass road

Road E18 Helsinki-Vaalimaa studies

Nordic Triangle-Malmö C - Completetion works

E 6.21 Marieholm Tunnel

E6.21 Partihall Connection

Works for the upgrading of the Road E6 Trelleborg-Vellinge

Nordic Triangle - Reconstruction of Malmö Central

Nordic Triangle: Götaland Line - (Borås-Jönköping-Linköping) - High Speed Line

Norrköping Intermodal Infrastructure Package - Road Bypass Norrköping, Study

National Railway Yard (Ilmala)

Studies for upgrading Road E18

Works for the construction of Road E18 Muurla-Lohja

Nordic Triangle: Ostlanken (Jarna-Linköping)

Works for construction of Citytunnel project

Works for construction of the road section Norra Lanken

Works for the development of the railway connection between Helsinki airport and the PP12 lines

Main railway connection to Russian border, works for development of railway section between Lahti and Vainikkala

Rail connection from Kouvola to Kotka/Hamina ports, works for improving and construction of a new railway yard