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Malpensa airport

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Malpensa Airport is strategically located in Italy’s Lombardy region northwest of Milan at a crossroad of road and rail links between Milan, Varese, Novara-Torino and Switzerland.


The airport, which opened in 1998, employs some 19,000 people and has a direct highway connection and a rail link to Milan.


Malpensa has become a primary gateway for international and intercontinental traffic in southern Europe, and has attracted 86 major carriers that operate to 176 destinations worldwide. Following a slow start up, in 2004, the airport handled 18.5 million passengers and 347,000 tonnes of freight. Passengers grew steadily until 2007, when more than 23 million people flew to and from Malpensa.


While the TEN-T priority project was completed in 2001, development at Malpensa is continuing, notably with the progressive improvement of its rail and road links in order to widen the “catchment area” of the infrastructure that includes Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria and southern Switzerland.

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