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Rail 2008-SI-92400-S

Working out of preliminary studies for the construction of the new line of high capacity/high speed line Divača-Ljubljana


This project, part of Priority Axis 6 (railway axis Lyon-Trieste-Divaca/Koper-Divaca-Ljubljana-Budapest-Ukrainian border) aims to prepare the necessary investment documentation for the spatial and project planning of the construction of the new Divaca-Ljubljana high capacity/high speed line (160-250 km/h). The foreseen length of the planned line is between 50-60 km, depending on the chosen variant.


The eventual rail line will be part of an important east-west link involving four EU Member States (Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and France) and will be able to absorb part of the continuing growth of traffic flows between southeast, central and southwest Europe. An important increase in rail freight capacity will be achieved and it will contribute to modal shift in sensitive Alpine regions.



This project has been completed.




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Studies: 50%

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Implementation schedule:

Start date: July 2009

End date: October 2013


Beneficiary & Implementing body:

 Ministry of Infrastructure


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE

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