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Slovenia TEN-T Projects: Slovenia

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Please note that the listing below is not exhaustive. More project information will be added as this website continues to be enhanced.

Preparation of the preliminary design, pre-investment study, environmental report, environmental impact report and geodesy for construction of the second track on the MariborŠentilj section of the railway line and upgrading of the existing track

ERTMS/ETCS Deployment on the Slovenian sections of Corridor D (Pivka-Murska Sobota and Divaca-Koper)

Central European Green Corridors - Fast Charging Cross Border Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles, Connecting Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany and Croatia


Costa II East - Poseidon Med

Development of North Adriatic ports multimodal  connections and their efficient integration into the Core Network (NAPA STUDIES)

Preparation of a study of variants and an environmental report for the new railway line Ljubljana-Kranj-Jesenive-state border, with a connection to Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport

NAPAPROG - Acceleration of terminals and multimodal facilities in the ports of Trieste and Koper towards an integrated North Adriatic Port system

Preparation of the executive design for motorway section Drazenci international border crossing Gruškovje

Execution design for upgrading the existing main double-track electrified Zidani Most-Celje railway line

Elaboration of the project for building permit and executive design for the arrangement of a hub by upgrading the Pragersko railway station

Preparatory studies and activities of organisational structures of Rail Freight Corridor 5

Study on the implementation and establishment of rail freight corridors including pilot interventions and telematics applications for TSI implementation

NAPADRAG - Improving nautical accessibility in the ports of Koper and Venice towards an integrated North Adriatic Port system


Business to Motorways of the Sea

ANNA - Advanced National Networks for Administrations

Studies, managerial structures & activities for the establishment of the Rail Freight Corridor 6 in line with EU Regulation No. 913/2010

Green technologies and eco-efficient alternatives for cranes & operations at port container terminals (GREENCRANES)

Study and implementation of major parts of the Corridor Freight Regulation 913/2010

Elaboration of the project for obtaining the building permit for the Draženci-International Border Crossing Gruškovje motorway section

Elaboration of the executive design for upgrading of the section of the railway line Poljčane-Pragersko

 FAB  CE  Implementation  of  Static  Area  of  Responsibility  Scenario

ITS Adriatic multi-port gateway

Monitoring and Operation Services for Motorways of the Sea (MoS4MoS)

Deployment of ERTMS on Corridor D: Valencia to Budapest

EasyWay, Phase 2

Airborne Datalink Equipment

Working out of preliminary studies for the construction of the new line of high capacity/high speed line Ljubljana-Zidani Most

Working out of preliminary studies for the construction of the new line of high capacity/high speed line Divača-Ljubljana


Functional Airspace Block Central Europe - Implementation Plan

Implementation of the GSM-R system in Slovenian railway network

ERTMS Implementation on the Railway Corridor D (Valencia-Budapest)

SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) - Development Phase

Trans-European Satellite Navigation System (Galileo): Development and validation phase

Cross-border railway line Trieste/Divaca: study and design of the Trieste-Divaca-Ljubljana-Budapest-Ukrainian border

Preparation of background document and feasibility study of the railway infrastructure development in the area of Ljubljana hub

Technical project and special socumentation for the motorway section Slivnica-Ptuj (Draženci)-Gruškovje-Part of Phyrn motorway route

Master plan at Ljubljana Airport including railway connection to Ljubljana and Kranj (new railway line Ljubljana-Jesenice) in consideration of European Union laws, e.g. security regulations

Design for obtaining building permit for the reconstruction and electrification of the existing railway line Pragersko-Hodos

ERTMS development and consolidation

Technical documentation for the construction of the 2nd track of the railway line Divaèa-Koper