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Road 2009-NL-00010-E

Elimination of the bottleneck of the north-south artery A2 (E25): building the urban highway tunnel in Maastricht


This project launches the construction of a tunnel for the A2/E25 highway which runs through the centre of Maastricht. A 400 m section the overall tunnel will be realised within this action after the preparatory works are completed. These include the setting up the building site, deviation of the technical infrastructure, demolishment of parts of housing estates and construction of a temporary road for the A2. It builds on a predecessor project funded by the TEN-T programme which studied the feasibility and planning of this project.


The construction of the city tunnel includes several objectives:

  • New economic and social developments by resolving an important bottleneck and reducing travel time
  • Improvement to the quality of life in the city by reducing both air and noise pollution and increased traffic safety at the same time
  • Improvement of the multimodal connections in the region, including the ports and the airports of Maastricht and Liege.

The action is part of a global project with investments of up to €1 billion, including a €690 million forecasted share from the Dutch government. The remaining share is planned to be mostly covered from private sources. The global project entails the construction of the entire tunnel, its connection to other highways and the urban re-development of the space gained from putting the highway underground.



This project has been completed.




National budget:




Regional budget:





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Works: 10%

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Download the Info Sheet about this project:

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European Commission press release on this project, 2 December 2009


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Member States involved:

The Netherlands


Implementation schedule:

Start date: May 2009

End date: June 2012


Beneficiary & Implementing body:

 City of Maastricht


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE


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