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Netherlands TEN-T Projects: Netherlands

Please note that the listing below is not exhaustive. More project information will be added as this website continues to be enhanced.

Electricity Connection Points - Greening the European temperature controlled transport network

Study including pilot deployment to determine the viability of LNG as an alternative fuel for medium and long distance road transport (LNG4Haul)

Pilot deployment of emissions reduction technologies on general cargo vessels on North Sea and Baltic MoS corridors

Study to prepare the construction of a new lock and deepening waterway IJsselmeer to improve better access to the TEN-T inland waterway network.

Facilitation of implementation upgrading "Twente kanaal fase 2 "

Comprehensive study removal bottleneck Calandbridge Port of Rotterdam on rail freight corridor Netherlands – Germany and beyond (PP 24)

HIT-2 Corridors

Smart Energy Efficient and Adaptive Port Terminals (Sea Terminals)

LNG uptake in the UK: a real-life trial with the first small scale bunkering infrastructure in Teesport and innovative LNG vessels

European Long-distance Electric Clean Transport Road Infrastructure Corridor (ELECTRIC)

Boxreload: Sustainable Road Freight

The Arc Atlantique Traffic Management Corridor

Ursa Major

European ITS Platform +

Pilot Implementation of a LNG-Propulsion System on a MoS Test Track in the Environmental Model Region 'Wadden Sea'

Deployment of next generation scrubber technology for clean and sustainable short sea shipping in the North Sea ECA

Phase 2 Implementation study to prepare the start of the PPP procurement to improve maritime access to the TEN-T network at Amsterdam

Sustainable multimodal transport chain

High efficient container terminal boosting multi modal freight and connecting information flows between Rotterdam and the European hinterland

Intermodal Amsterdam Gateway: a new public transport terminal to eliminate rail network bottlenecks and improve (inter)national accessibility

Rail Freight Corridor Netherlands – Germany, Betuweroute-Goederen Route Oost Nederland (GON)

Planning study for Greenport Venlo Rail Terminal (Venlo, Holland)

ERTMS equipment of 20 Siemens Vectron AC/MS locomotives authorised in DE/AT/HU

Maasvlakte 2 ERTMS

RIS Enabled European IWT Corridor Management

Implementation of RIS on the Westerscheldt River III

European ITS Platform (EIP)

ANNA - Advanced National Networks for Administrations

PILOT SCRUBBER – New Generation Lightweight Pilot Scrubber Solution installed on a Ro-Ro Ship operating on the Motorway of the Baltic Sea

LNG Bunkering Infrastructure Solution and Pilot actions for ships operating on the Motorway of the Baltic Sea

LNG Rotterdam Gothenburg

LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube

Support to the long term implementation of the TEN-T network in the development of Corridor A/1 Rotterdam–Genoa required by the regulation (EU) no. 913/2010 and conversion of governance structure to a European Rail Freight Corridor 1

Preparations to develop Public-Private Partnership (DBFM) during realisation of the Beatrix locks and the Lekkanaal (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp corridor)

Implementation study eliminating the major bottlenecks in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp corridor

Elimination bottleneck north-south artery A2(E25): Providing safety measures in the urban highway tunnel in Maastricht

Freight corridor Betuweroute-southeast Netherlands-Germany (Corridor I)

Realisation of the most sustainable container terminal in Europe which will increase intermodal transport between the Port of Rotterdam and the European Hinterland

Prototyping, testing, renewed authorisation for placing in service and the retrofit of Siemens ES64U2 locomotives with ETCS L1/L2 2.3.0.d for Corridor A, B and E networks in DE, AT and HU

Implementation and testing of the interface between the German Baseline 3 system and the Dutch 2.3.0.d ERTMS systems

Preparatory studies and activities of the organisational structures of Rail Freight Corridor 8 (Bremerhaven/Rotterdam/Antwerp-Aachen/Berlin-Warsaw-Terespol (Poland-Belarus border)/Kaunas)

Studies, managerial structures and activities for the establishment of Rail Freight Corridor 2

Air traffic management network integration and performance enhancement acceleration

Planning study for a new maritime lock in Terneuzen

Implementation of RIS on the Westerscheldt River II

Vessel Traffic Management Centres of the Future

Study and implementation of major parts of the Corridor Freight Regulation 913/2010

Implementation Study to prepare a Public Private Partnership to improve maritime access to the TEN-T network at Amsterdam

Studies concerning the extension railway yard Maasvlakte West - Phase 1

Studies concerning the construction of the third Track Zevenaar-German border

Greening European Transportation Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Deployment of Inland AIS transponders in Flanders and the Netherlands

Air Traffic Management Systems - Functional Airspace Block Europe Central (FABEC)

Retrofitting of ETCS onboard equipment for locomotives to run in ERTMS Corridor A

Fitting of ETCS onboard equipment to Traxx DABNLs

ERTMS upgrade of existing locomotives to ensure compatibility with SRS 2.3.0d for use in the Betuwe line

Upgrade of ETCS system to 2.3.0d in the Betuwe Route

Optimising Rail Connection Port of Amsterdam - European hinterland (ORCAEU) – Elimination of missing links for intermodal freight transport

Elimination of the bottleneck of the north-south artery A2 (E25): building the urban highway tunnel in Maastricht

Programme management office for the ERTMS deployment on the corridor from Rotterdam to Genoa

Upgrade of locomotives with onboard ETCS equipment

Support to the ERTMS Consolidation

EasyWay, Phase 2

Airborne Datalink Equipment

Study and implementation of AIS monitoring network

Implementation of Fairway Information Services


Study on the external costs and charging of the terrestrial modes on the Paris-Amsterdam corridor

Implementation of River Information Services in Europe - IRIS Europe II

Full deployment of inland AIS transponders

Implementation of RIS on the Westerscheldt river

Retrofit of 90 Siemens ES64F4 E-locomotives with Alstom ETCS L2 equipment for usage on EU freight corridors and various conventional networks

ERTMS implementation the Railway Corridor Rotterdam-Genoa- Netherlands part - Section Port Railway of Rotterdam

Serial fitment of onboard ETCS equipment SRS 2.3.0 in 109 freight locomotives

ERTMS implementation on the railway corridor Rotterdam-Genoa-Netherlands Part-Kijfhoek & Zevenaar

Maasroute, Upgrade of inland waterways from class Va to class Vb specifications

Works for replacement of legacy systems by 15/25 kVAC on one of the remaining sections in the Netherlands of the railway corridor Rotterdam-Genoa

ERTMS on-board equipment of Thalys locomotives

Programme Management Office for the ERTMS deployment on the corridor Rotterdam-Genoa

EEIG: ERTMS Users Group - testing activities

SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) - Development Phase

"Iron Rhine "

Trans-European Satellite Navigation System (Galileo): Development and validation phase

ERTMS development and consolidation

Type approval of the first locomotive equipped with ETCS

Modification of Rotterdam Central Station in connection with PBKAL project Amsterdam-Dutch/Belgian border