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Rail 2012-EU-94174-S

INEA ceased operations on 31 March 2021. The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) was established on 1 April 2021 to take over its legacy portfolio as well as additional EU funding programmes.

Development of the Madrid–Lyon axis on the TEN-T Mediterranean Corridor (CLYMA)


The CLYMA project aimed to provide the necessary tools to create an integral transport corridor which identifies and connects the main nodes, facilitates the interoperability within and between the various transport modes and the fluid transport services for freight and provides for a more sustainable transport by applying new technologies and concepts for infrastructure planning and management (green corridor concept).

The Action consisted of the implementation of the corridor approach to a section of the Mediterranean corridor, concretely to the Western part of the corridor and specifically to the Madrid–Lyon axis. This axis includes Madrid, Guadalajara, Zaragoza, Lleida, Tarragona, Barcelona, Girona, Spanish–French border through Le Boulou and through Port Bou, Perpignan, Narbonne, Montpellier, Nimes, Valence and Lyon.

The main objectives of the Action were:

  • To analyse the current and future situation of the Madrid–Lyon axis, especially the missing links in terms of infrastructure and services.
  • To study the development of an intermodal corridor in order to improve modal shift.
  • To develop management structures for intermodal nodes as a pilot system for a managerial structure for the whole Corridor.
  • To develop the “green corridor” concept in the Madrid–Lyon Axis as a pilot system extensible to the whole Corridor.
  • To develop a strategic and operational plan for ICT integration among the Axis extensible to the whole Corridor.
  • To develop strategic actions in the nodes of the Axis to solve infrastructure capacity needs.


The action is closed.


EU contribution: €1,279,000


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