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RIS 2012-EU-70002-P

Implementation of RIS on the Westerscheldt River III


This Action is the third phase of an existing RIS TEN-T funded projects (2008-EU-30001-P and 2011-EU-70003-P), aiming at enhancing efficiency and safety of inland waterway transport on the Westerscheldt river.

The first EU-funded RIS Action on the Westerscheldt (2008-EU-30001-P) focussed mainly on the implementation of the basic RIS services: the realisation of Notice to Skippers (NtS), a more in-depth implementation of the ERI messages (electronic reporting), the extension of an existing maritime AIS network (Automatic Identification System) to an Inland AIS network, a first implementation of a Fairway Information Services (FIS) portal, the creation and distribution of Inland electronic navigation charts (Inland ENCs or IENCs).

The second EU-funded RIS Action on the Westerscheldt (2011-EU-70003-P) aimed at extending the range of available RIS functionalities in the Westerscheldt river area: implementing results of EU-projects (e.g. connecting with European RIS databases), replacing the current Radar System (RW) by a better performing VTMIS system, extending the Inland AIS applications and Fairway Information Services (FIS) portal.


This Action will provide tools to make transport in the Westerscheldt area even more efficient: improving the exchange of information by replacing the backbone of the Information Processing System of the Scheldt Radar Network, enabling the use of modern communication tools (RIS applications for smartphones and tablets), implementation of Calamity Abatement Support, improving operational planning on the Canal Gent-Terneuzen and introduction of a WiFi network.



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Member States involved:

Belgium, The Netherlands


Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2013

End date: December 2015



Flemish Government

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment – Rijkswaterstaat


Implementing body:

Beheer en Exploitatieteam Schelderadar


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE

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