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TrainMoS aims at supporting and training the human element of Motorways of the Sea by defining the basis for a future EU virtual open MoS University and by pulling together local competences and knowledge of different EU universities along with stakeholders' needs.


TrainMoS will develop an MoS knowledge base at EU university level by testing an e-learning MoS knowledge platform (within an ICT learning infrastructure) through the preparation of seven EU wide pilot actions by seven Member States (Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, and Greece). The participation of the seven universities and their students will create a critical mass which will allow for the development and testing of a European academic module in 7 MoS related subjects that should meet the needs of the freight transport industry actors.


Each pilot action will be developed under the following titles: Port terminals and hinterland links; Smart cities and intelligent ports; Green ports and efficient ICZM; Multimodality and sustainable logistics; Multimodal transport economics; Safety and security; and Logistic Chains and Modal Integration.


Each pilot action, coordinated by the TrainMoS structure and taking into consideration stakeholders' needs, will feed the MoS Knowledge ICT Platform and produce university level courses which could be followed by students in the seven Universities with lecturing professors coming both from the University and stakeholders.



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Studies: 50%

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Member States involved:

Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom


Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2011

End date: September 2013


Beneficiary & Implementing body:

 TrainMoS consortium


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE

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