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Water 2010-EU-70201-P

Deployment of Inland AIS transponders in Flanders and the Netherlands


This Action intends to complete a similar 2008 project by launching and undertaking a new Automatic Identification System (AIS) equipment subsidy programme in Flanders (Belgium), as well as reinforcing the existing related activities in the Netherlands.


This Action consists of an equipment subsidy programme aiming at stimulating skippers to install on-board AIS transponders. In the Netherlands, this Action is expected to equip 1,100 additional vessels in order to encompass the rest of the shipping fleet on the Dutch waterways, while the Flemish part of the Action aims at equipping 750 additional vessels.


The subsidy is available to ships from any flag state, provided that they make demonstrable use of the Dutch and Flemish waterways.


This Action will enable real-time tracking and tracing according to the River Information Services guidelines. Full deployment of Inland AIS transponders is indeed a key step in implementing RIS, since the quality and success of many of its services depends critically on the availability of accurate, timely and complete position information of commercial vessels.


Support from the TEN-T programme for this action will substantially speed-up the full-deployment of Inland AIS transponders by commercial vessels, and it will stimulate national governments to complete their planned programmes.



This project has been completed.




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Member States involved:

Belgium, The Netherlands


Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2010

End date: December 2012



Agentschap Rijkswaterstaat

Vlaamse overheid, Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken, Haven- en Waterbeleid


Implementing bodies:

Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat

Agentschap Rijkswaterstaat

Flemish Government


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE

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