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Air 2010-EU-40106-S

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 FAB  CE  Implementation  of  Static  Area  of  Responsibility  Scenario


The Functional Airspace Block – Central Europe (FAB CE) aims at implementing the performance targets of the Single European Sky II (SES II) legislation, in particular the areas of safety, capacity, flight efficiency, environment, mission and cost effectiveness based on the FAB CE Feasibility Study Master Plan.


The present decision deals specifically with the pre-implementation phase, which will prepare the improvement of some FAB CE performances. The Implementation Plan for the Static Area of Responsibility Scenario will be the first document addressing compliance with the new requirements stemming from the applicable SES regulations as amended by the SES II package.


This will prepare the establishment of common airspace design and airspace planning processes by the relevant civil military cooperation body, work towards a fluent and flexible transfer of responsibility, lay the foundations for an advanced level of interoperability to enable cross-border operations in the FAB, prepare the integration of Airspace management and Air Traffic Flow and Capacity management processes, develop a coordinated approach to the Contingency Planning, an harmonised implementation of the Technical Infrastructure and systems, work on a basis for the harmonisation of Safety Management Systems and commonly applied safety methodology to the changes introduced by FAB CE and the application of a common competence scheme and best use of existing training facilities.


The main objectives of this decision are:

  • Connecting the currently fragmented ANSPs’ (Air navigation service provider) activities with the FAB Network
  • Improving the civil-military co-ordination by connecting the FAB activity with military airspace users’ needs and by the application of the flexible use of airspace management
  • Harmonising and coordinating the capacity planning process
  • Coordinating the FAB-FAB interface prior to the appointment of a network manager
  • Working towards achieving full operational interoperability of the ATM (Air Traffic Management) systems by using existing functionality in an optimal way
  • Implementing the relevant parts of the IP 1 (Implementation package 1 (SESAR)) concept defined in the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) Master Plan to contribute to the Global Project objective to improve performance.


This project has been completed.




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This project was also the subject of a press release issued by the Agency.

2010-EU-40106-S Map

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Member States involved:

Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia


Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2011

End date: December 2012


Beneficiary & Implementing bodies:

Austro Control (AT)

Rizeni letového provozu Ceské republiky (CZ)

 Kontrola zracnega prometa Slovenije (SI)

 HungaroControl (HU)


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE

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