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ITS for Road 2009-EU-50000-M

EasyWay, Phase 2


EasyWay is a complex project for Europe-wide ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems/Services) deployment on the main Trans-European Road Network corridors. A first phase of the project has been funded in 2007 up until 2009.


The overall EasyWay vision is to implement a sustainable road transport system allowing passengers and freight to travel safely, efficiently and cleanly. The users are supported where relevant by harmonised and seamless ITS services in all aspects of their travel (pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip).


The Action is led by national road authorities and operators in co-operation with other stakeholders which include the automotive industry, telecom operators and public transport stakeholders. It identifies a set of necessary ITS European services to deploy (Traveller Information, Traffic Management and Freight and Logistic Services) and is an efficient platform that allows the European stakeholders in the domain of road transport to achieve a coordinated deployment of these pan-European services.


This Action is intended to underpin the accelerated deployment of ITS across Europe in the coming years. EasyWay has the potential to contribute to the objectives of the European Commission's ITS Action Plan and the ITS Directive.


The necessary exchange of approaches and solutions with partners other than road authorities will also be organised through the relevant organisations at EasyWay level.



This project has been completed.




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Studies: 50%


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2009-EU-50000-M Map

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Member States involved:

Finland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Germany, Romania, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, France, Cyprus, Estonia, Italy, Hungary


Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2010

End date: December 2012


Beneficiary & Implementing body:

 EasyWay Consortium


Additional information:

  European Commission, DG MOVE

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