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Air 2009-EU-40005-E

Green and predictable flights – North European Air Navigation Service Providers


The project is implemented by the North European ANS Providers (NEAP). It consists of several activities related to the improvement of Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems in the region. The action is aiming at the reduction of environmental impact from aviation as well as to increase the predictability during various phases of flight by modernising ATM infrastructure, including ground-ground networks (TCP-IP connectivity), Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures and airborne systems and stepwise upgrade of current ATM systems to integrate various enablers such as Datalink, Arrival Management (AMAN), ADS-B etc.


The key targets are:


• increase the cost-efficiency of Air Navigation Service (ANS) operations by 30% by 2020 compared to current situation

• align the unit rate for customers to be 25% lower in comparison with European average by 2020, whilst increasing the quality of service to the airspace users

• decrease or at least maintain the current number of safety-critical ATM-induced incidents per year

• increase capacity in the region to support predicted traffic growth

• reduce amount of emissions attributable to ATM inefficiencies to 1% by 2020


Therefore the main objectives of the project are:


• improve the quality of surveillance

• reduce the long term costs for surveillance infrastructure

• increase the number of "green approaches and departures" as well as free-routes by introducing modified procedures and ATC (Air Traffic Control) tools

• introduce Datalink to support increased automation

• connect regional ANSPs via a TCP-IP based intranet

• provide a foundation for validating and introducing a SESAR compliant concept



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Works: 19.33%

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Member States involved:

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Sweden


Implementation schedule:

Start date: October 2009

End date: December 2012



 Naviair (DK)

 Ilmailulaitos Finavia (FI)

 Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS (EE)

 Irish Aviation Authority IAA (IE)

 Luftfaartsverket LFV (SE)

 Malmö Aviation (SE)


Implementing body:

 North European Air Navigation Service Providers (NEAP)


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE


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