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RIS 2008-EU-30001-P 

Implementation of RIS on the Westerscheldt river


The Action aims to bring River Information Services (RIS) to the Westerscheldt river, in compliance with the 2005 RIS Directive (2005/44/EC).


The Westerscheldt river, located on the border between Belgium and used by The Netherlands, is a very important axis for waterborne transport maritime and inland navigation at hig capacity.


The Action's objective is to adapt the existing local traffic management systems in such a way that they will be able to offer maritime traffic management as well as river information services. This will help make navigation on the Westerscheldt safer and smoother



This project has been completed.



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Works and Studies: 23.3%

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Member States involved:

Belgium, The Netherlands


Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2008

End date: June 2012



 Flemish Government
 Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management


Implementing body:

 Beheer en Exploitatie Team Schelderadar


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG TREN


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