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Rail 2012-IT-06072-P

High Speed/High Capacity Treviglio–Brescia section: completion of 1st constructive lot of the section and adaptation works to Brescia station


Located on Priority Project 6 (Railway axis Lyon-Trieste-Divaèa/Koper-Divaèa-Ljubljana-Budapest-Ukrainian border), this Action covers works on the high speed Treviglio–Brescia railway line section and West Brescia interconnection. The foreseen activities include:

  • Preparatory works;
  • Works at Serio and Oglio viaducts;
  • Road and hydraulic interferences resolution and roads connected to the construction sites;
  • Cuttings and embankments of the West Brescia interconnection from km6+307 to km11+770;
  • West Brescia interconnection civil works up to km 11+770

These activities will help to reduce travel times on the line for passengers. They will also make a large contribution to regional and national competitiveness, as well as fill in "missing section" and delete a "bottleneck along PP6.



State of progress on 31 December 2014:
All the activities are in progress




State budget:



Total project cost covered by this Decision:



Percentage of EU support:


Works: 20%

EU contribution:




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Member States involved:



Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2012

End date: December 2015



 Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport


Implementing body:

 Ferrovie dello Stato S.p.A.


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE

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