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Water 2009-IT-00033-E

Infrastructural improvements in the inland waterways system of Northern Italy


The Action forms part of a global project aiming at the development of the Northern Italy Waterway System (Po River and connected canals) towards class Va and at its multimodal interconnection with existing road, rail and sea axes of European relevance. The Action is located in a busy and central part of the waterway system, namely the canal connection between Mantova and the Adriatic Sea, along the following segments:
•    Fissero-Tartaro-Canal Bianco
•    Po-Brondolo

The objectives are to improve the accessibility of the industrial pole of South East Lombardy, to foster the interoperability of the Valdaro port area with road and rail networks and to increase the efficiency and safety of navigation.

Works include:

•    Realising and upgrading the capacity of the basin "Brondolo Nuova" to the standards of class Va.
•    Building the new lock chambers of Cavanella d’Adige.
•    Setting up an automation and remote control system of the chamber locks of the inland waterways Fissero-Tartaro Canalbianco” and “Po-Brondolo”, and upgrading of the installations.
•    Improving the capacity of the Port of Mantova-Valdaro in particular by creating handling and storing areas, extensive road and rail internal networks (connected to the national rail network), and additional quays.
•    Completing the phase I of the works for connecting the Mantova-Valdaro Port to the A22 highway have been finalised



This project has been completed.




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Works: 10%

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Implementation schedule:

Start date: May 2009

End date: December 2013


Beneficiaries & Implementing bodies:

 Sistemi Territoriali S.p.A.

 Provincia di Mantova


Additional information:

 Coordinator’s Report of the Priority Project

 European Commission, DG MOVE


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