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Road 2009-IT-00012-E

Rome Ring Road Motorway – northwestern section – upgrade to three lanes in both directions from km 11+250 to km 12+650 – completion works


This action aims to complete the internal carriageway of the Rome Ring Road Motorway (GRA) stretch between the kilometres 11+250 and 12+650, by means of the construction of the new Cassia tunnel and the upgrading of the accesses at the Cassia interchange. The GRA is the most important road infrastructure in the city of Rome, as it connects and brings together the national roads in Rome.


The Cassia tunnel, foreseen with a length of 700 m, includes 126 m that have been excavated underground and the remaining stretch constructed with the cut and cover method. The section will have 3.5 m wide emergency lanes, and from the environmental point of view, the works will contribute to mitigate the visual impact of the road on the landscape.


Once the Cassia tunnel and interchange are complete, the entire GRA will be upgraded to three lanes per direction. It is estimated that the 68 km of the ring-road will then be able to be completed in 41 minutes at 100 km/h, compared to the current 60 minutes.



This project has been completed.




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Start date: May 2009

End date: July 2010



 Republic of Italy


Implementing body:

 ANAS S.p.A.


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE


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