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Italy TEN-T Projects: Italy

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Please note that the listing below is not exhaustive. More project information will be added as this website continues to be enhanced.

Study for the development of the green mobility in the port of Civitavecchia through the implementation of the pilot technology REWEC 3

Port of Ravenna Fast Corridor

The link between Idrovia-Ferrarese and the Padano-Veneto waterway system: study to address the city of Ferrara bottlenecks

New Milano-Cremona canal: studies for the improvement of the Northern Italy Waterway System

Study for the development of international transport facilities between the Port of Civitavecchia and TEN-T network through the reorganisation of the rail system within the Port

The new port master plan and the new breakwater to improve the competitive position of the Genoa port as Southern gate of the European core network

Rail Access from Coast to Corridor 'RACCORDO'

Study for the acceleration of the implementation of safe and secure Parking Areas for professional drivers along the Italian TEN-T network

Study for the creation of the integrated intermodal logistic system in Port of Taranto back area

Design of the new master plan of the Lambrate railway station

Smart Energy Efficient and Adaptive Port Terminals (Sea Terminals)

ETCS Baseline 3 On-Board Tests Campaign

MedTIS _Mediterranean Corridor deploying Traveller Information Services


Ursa Major

European ITS Platform +

New European common services provision for PENS2 and DLS

Costa II East - Poseidon Med

Development of North Adriatic ports multimodal  connections and their efficient integration into the Core Network (NAPA STUDIES)


Study aimed at the execution of the preliminary project and the legal, economic and financial analysis for the implementation of a PPP model on the Bari Heavy Vehicle Road.

Adjustment works of the waterway and Ferrarese connection with the Padano-Veneto waterway system

Ronco-Canepa combi-terminal extension and renewal of the ancillary intermodal infrastructure

Orte-Falconara line: Completion of works to double the track

Doubling of the Prenestina-Lunghezza-Guidonia section: works

365 Po River System - Preliminary Project to improve navigation from Cremona Port to the Adriatic Sea

Study on Technical Specifications for Interoperability for Telematics Applications for Freight (TAF–TSI) related to Railway Undertakings – Infrastructure Managers Functions

Preliminary design and economic analysis of the end section of the link between the Port of Civitavecchia and the intermodal node of Orte to complete the East-West road axis (Civitavecchia-Ancona)

Genoa Airport / TEN-T railway corridor Genoa-Rotterdam link

Ravenna Port Hub: final detailed design and supporting technical analyses

Upgrade of Roma-Napoli high speed line in order to ensure compatibility with ERTMS baseline 2.3.0d

Equipment of ETR 1000 trainsets with ETCS Baseline 2 release 2.3.0d

Off-site and field testing to support Italian ERTMS migration strategy

CIM WEST terminal expansion


High Speed/High Capacity Treviglio–Brescia section: completion of 1st constructive lot of the section and adaptation works to Brescia station

SWIFTLY Green (Sweden-Italy Freight Transport and Logistics Green Corridor)

Preparatory studies and activities of organisational structures of Rail Freight Corridor 5

Study on the implementation and establishment of rail freight corridors including pilot interventions and telematics applications for TSI implementation

NAPADRAG - Improving nautical accessibility in the ports of Koper and Venice towards an integrated North Adriatic Port system

Regional European Electronic Toll Service (REETS TEN)

European ITS Platform (EIP)

Accelerating the deployment of advanced FDP capabilities in Europe

ANSPs Interim Deployment Programme Implementation


Business to Motorways of the Sea

ANNA - Advanced National Networks for Administrations


LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube

Priority Project TEN no. 1 Brenner Base Tunnel – Studies

Support to the long term implementation of the TEN-T network in the development of Corridor A/1 Rotterdam–Genoa required by the regulation (EU) no. 913/2010 and conversion of governance structure to a European Rail Freight Corridor 1


Implementation study to prepare a PPP to improve the capacity of the port of Venice and related logistics system

Bologna AV/AC rail node: construction of a rail section between the node and the Venice line to streamline traffic

Technological upgrading of Turin–Padua line: implementation of technologies for the efficiency of movement in the Milan Railway Hub

Genoa rail node: improvement of the traffic management systems

Treviglio-Brescia HS/HC section: civil works phase

Upgrading of ERTMS system on Trenitalia fleet to 2.3.0.d version

Deployment of ERTMS trackside equipment on the Railway Corridor B Stockholm-Naples/Subpart Fortezza to Verona of the Italian Corridor B part (Brennero-Verona-Naples)

Studies, managerial structures & activities for the establishment of the Rail Freight Corridor 6 in line with EU Regulation No. 913/2010

Preparatory studies and activities of the organisational structures of Rail Freight Corridor 8 (Bremerhaven/Rotterdam/Antwerp-Aachen/Berlin-Warsaw-Terespol (Poland-Belarus border)/Kaunas)

Air traffic management network integration and performance enhancement acceleration

ANSPs coordination within IDSG

Green technologies and eco-efficient alternatives for cranes & operations at port container terminals (GREENCRANES)

Facilitating and speeding up ERTMS deployment

Study and implementation of major parts of the Corridor Freight Regulation 913/2010


Adriatic Motorways of the Sea (ADRIAMOS)

Adriatic gateway: the improvement of northern adriatic ports and the building of a strategic corridor for multimodal transport

Intermodal hub project for Catania Fontanarossa International Airport


Studies for the development of RIS operability along the northern Italian waterway system

ITS Adriatic multi-port gateway

Monitoring and Operation Services for Motorways of the Sea (MoS4MoS)

Upgrading the S.Pellegrino Tunnel (SS n.675 Umbro-Laziale) and the Colle Capretto Tunnel (SS n.3bis Tiberina) on the E45 to the safety requirements for tunnels in the Trans-European Road Network

Study or bergmo-Orio al serio airport intermodality development

Strategic project for the development of the accessibility and hinterland connecions from the port of Venice to the TEN-T network

Studies for the infrastructural improvement of Northern Italy Waterway System

Upgrade of the Tortona-Voghera section, Priority Project 24, Final Design

Deployment of ERTMS trackside equipment on the Railway Corridor B Stockholm-Naples: Sub-part from Brenner to Verona of the Italian Corridor B part (Brenner-Naples)

Upgrade of Roma-Napoli and Torino-Novara high speed lines in order to ensure compatibility with ERTMS version 2.3.0d

Italy Integration of Communication and Surveillance (IP1)

Hub of Torino, section Susa-Stura, Priority Project 6, removal of bottleneck

Rome Hub, Priority Project no. 1 - upgrade of Rome Tiburtina Station

Implementation of nautical accessibility in the port of Venice-Marghera: operational and remedial dredging in two stretches of the West and South ship canals

Infrastructural improvements in the inland waterways system of Northern Italy

Rome Ring Road Motorway – northwestern section – upgrade to three lanes in both directions from km 11+250 to km 12+650 – completion works

Programme management office for the ERTMS deployment on the corridor from Rotterdam to Genoa

Support to the ERTMS Consolidation

Deployment of ERTMS on Corridor D: Valencia to Budapest

EasyWay, Phase 2

Airborne Datalink Equipment

Feasibility study and preliminary design of an integrated multimodal transport system

Feasibility study of Marco Polo Venice International Airport Intermodality Node

Functional adaptation of both road and rail networks in the stretch Malcontenta-Fusina of "via dell'Elettronica " in the port of Marghera-Venice

Completion of final design of the Treviglio-Brescia Section, on the Milano-Verona high speed/high capacity line

Removal of the bottleneck of Cattolica tunnel to allow the transit of high-cube container trains along the Adriatic Corridor

Upgrading the Montecrevola Road Tunnel on the SS n. 33 del Sempione E62 to the safety requirements for tunnels in the Trans-European Road Network


BLUE MED Definition Phase

Integrated railway transport system: the Port of Genova and the hinterland railway terminal of Alessandria

Preliminary and detailed design for the rehabilitation of a railway link between Civitavecchia Port and TEN-T Priority Axis no. 1 in Orte

Strengthening and restructuring of the railway facilities and network in the Marghera area - Completion of the project

Cargo City Development - Railway Tunnel

Trackside ERTMS equipment on Italian part of Corridor A (600 km)

Migration towards ERTMS/ETCS for Trenitalia on-board equipment

Railway node of Genova - Study for upgradingthe section Genova Voltri-Genova Brignole

Section Ronchi Sud-Trieste: Priority Project 6 - national section

Southern access line to Brenner

Programme Management Office for the ERTMS deployment on the corridor Rotterdam-Genoa

ERTMS Implementation on the Railway Corridor D (Valencia-Budapest)

EEIG: ERTMS Users Group - testing activities

SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) - Development Phase

Trans-European Satellite Navigation System (Galileo): Development and validation phase

Cross-border railway line Trieste/Divaca: study and design of the Trieste-Divaca-Ljubljana-Budapest-Ukrainian border

New Lyon-Turin Rail Link - Franco-Italian Common Part of the International Section (Studies and Works)

Priority Project TEN no. 1 Brenner Base Tunnel - Studies

Priority Project TEN no. 1 Brenner Base Tunnel - Works

Study on the migration from the system SCMT to ETCS

ERTMS installation on the High Speed section Bologna-Firenze

West Med Corridors

ERTMS development and consolidation

New AV/AC line Venezia-Trieste-(Lubiana) in Italian territory: sections project

Strenghtening of the Turin-Modane line and Turin freight belt

New Lyon-Turin Rail Link – International Section

New AV/AC Venezia-Trieste-(Lubiana) line in italian territory: section project

Upgrade of the Turin-Modane line and the Turin freight bypass