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Air 2009-HU-40043-E

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Establishment of a new ATM centre for enhancement of operational safety and capacity at HungaroControl Pte. Ltd. Co.


The Action comprises the construction of a new ATCC (air traffic control centre) building (ANS III) and the installation of new equipment and systems: an off-line and on-line ATC system on a new hardware platform, a simulator, a radio transceiver system and a duplicated digital voice communication switch with user interfaces which will be purchased and installed in properly designed cabinets and consoles.


Carrying out the action will enable the old ATCC to operate as a contingency management centre. The action aims at key factors such as increase of safety, capacity enhancement, reduction of delays and reduction of air traffic controllers' workload in line with European regulations. The most important task is to maintain the highest quality air traffic management services in the Hungarian airspace.


The Action is fully compliant with applicable EU regulations and directives of the Single European Sky II package, the requirements of FAB CE and of SESAR IP1 as well with related EUROCONTROL standards, which are recommended for Member States and their ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers).



This project has been completed.




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Works: 20%

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Implementation schedule:

Start date: June 2009

End date: December 2012


Beneficiary & Implementing body:

 HungaroControl Hungarian Air Navigation Services Private Limited Company


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE


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