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Road 2009-FI-00057-E

Main Road 5 between Lusi and Mikkeli (lacking road improvements)


The Action concerns the improvement of 24 km of the main road 5 between Lusi and Mikkeli. Some sections are constituted by a narrow two-lane road (8 m wide) with poor geometry and visibility and where safe overtaking is impossible. Currently the majority of the road junctions are road level junctions and only a few of them are grade-separated.


Considerable interventions are planned, such as the construction of grade-separated interchanges, bridges, underpasses and parking areas.


In addition, the following improvement activities are foreseen:


• Construction of six new passing lanes and improving the four existing ones

• Building three road sections with a new alignment

• Building 24 km of parallel roads for pedestrians, cyclists and slow agricultural traffic

• Road-lighting - between Koirakivi and Vihantasalmi and at the grade-separated junctions of Uutela and Toivola

• Construction of noise barriers

• Building a 40 km elk-proof fence near the new passing lanes (an almost continuous fence on both sides of the road)


The main objectives of the Action are to:


• decrease congestion

• improve traffic safety

• ensure fast and undisturbed connections for public transport

• improve the connections and safety of pedestrians and cyclists

• eventually be able to increase the speed limit to 100 km/h



This project has been completed.




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Works: 10%

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Implementation schedule:

Start date: June 2009

End date: November 2011



 Ministry of Transport and Communications


Implementing body:

 Finnish Transport Agency


Additional information:

 European Commission, DG MOVE


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