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Air 2004-DK-90403-S

ATM Skaane Project - development of Functional Airspace Blocks for lower airspace


This project’s overall aim was to reduce costs for the provision of Air Navigation Services (ANS) in Denmark and Sweden. The idea was to align the region’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) with both the European Commission’s Single European Sky (SES) legislation and the respective national strategic guidelines, as well as to integrate the two companies providing ATM services: LFV of Sweden and Naviair of Denmark.

The SES legislation provided the foundation for organising European airspace into Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) according to traffic flows instead of national borders. FABs are important in making European airspace safer and more efficient and will prepare it for the predicted doubling of air traffic levels by 2020.

In this framework, ANS providers within each FAB should coordinate together to ensure their airspace is correctly and efficiently managed. For the establishment of the Danish and Swedish FAB and the integration of the en-route areas, LFV and Naviair used the TEN-T co-funded study to look at the various possible business cases for closer mutual cooperation. When the study was completed, they set up an interim operational alliance which paved the way for the creation of NUAC HB in 2009, a subsidiary jointly owned by Naviair and LFV.

The project has now been completed.

See our TEN-T project implementation successes section for more information.




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Percentage of EU support:  


Studies: 25%

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Member States involved:

Denmark and Sweden


Implementation schedule:

Start date: April 2004

End date: December 2010


Beneficiaries and Implementing bodies:

Naviair - Danish air navigation service provider

 LFV (Luftfartsverket) - Swedish air navigation service provider


Additional information:

European Commission, DG MOVE


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