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ERTMS 2012-BE-60027-P

Deployment of ETCS on railway lines in Belgium


The action covers the deployment of ETCS Level 1, Baseline 2, release 2.3.0d of the System Requirement Specifications (SRS), in line with the applicable TSI CCS, on the equivalent of 78 km of double track line. This includes first deployment of ETCS on a 62.3 km high speed rail (HSL2) section between Lueven and Ans, 13.6 km between Avar Ackers and Hertogendijk (Line L10, Liefkenhoekspoortunnel) and 2.1 km in the area of Keelbeek Noord (Line L36C/2).


The completion of the action will contribute to increasing the interoperability of the EU railway network.



State of progress on 31 December 2014:
The Action is ongoing. The deployment of the line L10 has been completed and the authorisation procedure launched. The design of the line L36C/2 has been completed too.




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Percentage of EU support:


Studies: 50%

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This project was also the subject of a press release issued by the Agency.


2012-BE-60027-P Map

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Member States involved:



Implementation schedule:

Start date: March 2013

End date: December 2015


Beneficiary & Implementing body:

 Infrabel NV


Additional information:

 Coordinator’s Report of the Priority Project

 European Commission, DG MOVE

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