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RIS 2011-BE-70001-P 

Implementation of RIS in Flanders III


Flanders has over 1,000 km of navigable inland waterways and in 2010, more than 69 million tonnes were transported over water in Flanders.


River Information Services (RIS) are customised information services for inland waterway transport and make it possible to co-ordinate logistical processes with actual transport situations on a constant basis. RIS play a key role in making cargo transport and passenger services on waterways more efficient and ecologically sound while, at the same time, increasing traffic safety.


Since 1998 the two Flemish waterway managers, Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV and NV De Scheepvaart, came to a co-operation agreement that foresaw a number of initiatives concerning shipping control and automated water management in Flanders. These initiatives were the start of a continuous process to comply with the needs of the waterway users and to take into account the latest technological developments. Since 2008, both former projects (RIS in Flanders I and RIS in Flanders II) received European co-financing.


This action is the third phase of the implementation of RIS in Flanders.  It focuses on the optimisation of existing RIS-related processes and in particular a site survey of inland waterways, including some bathymetry, a new tool for querying and visualising RIS information, the optimisation of the global architecture of the system, the equipment of additional vessels with inland IAS and  electronic payments.


More generally, it continues RIS in Flanders I and II and aims at extending the range of RIS services in Flanders as well as extending RIS to other parties than the skipper, making inland navigation a more attractive, safe and efficient mode of freight transport.



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Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2011

End date: December 2014


Beneficiaries & Implementing bodies:

 Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works

 RIS Portal Flanders 


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 European Commission, DG MOVE

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