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Belgium TEN-T Projects: Belgium

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Please note that the listing below is not exhaustive. More project information will be added as this website continues to be enhanced.

HIT-2 Corridors

ETCS Baseline 3 On-Board Tests Campaign

The Arc Atlantique Traffic Management Corridor

Airport-Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) deployment and integration into the network

Support to Interim Deployment Steering Group (IDSG)/Interim Deployment Programme (IDP) coordination

Sustainable Motorway of the Sea Ghent-Gothenburg through environmental upgrade and compliance while maintaining competitiveness of short sea shipping

Channel LNG

Greening road transport - LNG refuelling infrastructure network deployment

Development of the ETCS Baseline 3 cab signalling system on driving cab I11

Installation of the ETCS cab signalling system on 64 cabs of M6 double-deck carriages used for the operation of the Brussels-Luxembourg intercity line

Retrofitment of  ETCS 2.3.0d on 10 Class 66 Locomotives owned by Crossrail Benelux NV

Inception and development phase of the Centralised Services Programme

SWIFTLY Green (Sweden-Italy Freight Transport and Logistics Green Corridor)

Studies and activities for further developments of Rail Freight Corridor 2, its promotion and the upgrade of its infrastructure

Study on the implementation and establishment of rail freight corridors including pilot interventions and telematics applications for TSI implementation

RIS Enabled European IWT Corridor Management

Implementation of RIS on the Westerscheldt River III

Facilitating and speeding up ERTMS - Second phase

European ITS Platform (EIP)

ANNA - Advanced National Networks for Administrations

LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube

Support to the long term implementation of the TEN-T network in the development of Corridor A/1 Rotterdam–Genoa required by the regulation (EU) no. 913/2010 and conversion of governance structure to a European Rail Freight Corridor 1

Shore power in Flanders

The elimination of bottlenecks due to level crossings on the TEN-T network in Belgium

Optimisation of the Brussels Ring road

Studies for the improvement of the Charleroi-Brussels canal (E04), section Lembeek-Brussels

Renovation of the Royers Lock in Antwerp

The Albert Canal: lifting of bridges and upgrading to class VIb (part 3)

Upgrading of inland navigation infrastructure in the port of Ghent

Implementation of RIS in Flanders IV

Deployment of ETCS on railway lines in Belgium

Watermael Schuman-Josaphat

Preparatory studies and activities of the organisational structures of Rail Freight Corridor 8 (Bremerhaven/Rotterdam/Antwerp-Aachen/Berlin-Warsaw-Terespol (Poland-Belarus border)/Kaunas)

Studies, managerial structures and activities for the establishment of Rail Freight Corridor 2

Air traffic management network integration and performance enhancement acceleration

Planning study for a new maritime lock in Terneuzen

Implementation of RIS on the Westerscheldt River II

Facilitating and speeding up ERTMS deployment

Simulation Environment for Fast ERTMS Validation

Study and implementation of major parts of the Corridor Freight Regulation 913/2010


On Shore Power Supply - an integrated North Sea network

Project Upgrade of the 10,000 tonnes-section of the sea canal Brussels-Scheldt near Willebroek, to improve its accessibility for sea-going vessels

Second sea lock Waaslandhaven (Port of Antwerp)

Additional studies in the Seine-Scheldt network in Flanders

Increase of under bridge-clearance on the Walloon section of Seine-Scheldt (PP-30) waterway network in order to allow continuous passage of containerships with up to three layers

The Albert Canal: lifting of bridges and upgrading to class VIb

Liège CAREX: studies with a view to the construction of a railport on the Liège Airport site

Implementation of RIS in Flanders III

Greening European Transportation Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Deployment of Inland AIS transponders in Flanders and the Netherlands

Air Traffic Management Systems - Functional Airspace Block Europe Central (FABEC)

LNG infrastructure of filling stations and deployment in ships

The Albert Canal: Rebuilding the Briegden and Oelegem I bridges

Implementation of RIS in Flanders II

Upgrade of locomotives with onboard ETCS equipment

Support to the ERTMS Consolidation

ERTMS implementation on the Railway Corridor C (Antwerpen-Lyon/Basel)

EasyWay, Phase 2

Airborne Datalink Equipment

Studies for the construction of three locks on the Upper-Scheldt

Study of the navigability of the "Upper-Seascheldt " and the "Southern Ghent Ring Canal " for class Va motor vessels (1,500-3,000 tons)

Rebuilding of Noorderlaanbridge


Study on the external costs and charging of the terrestrial modes on the Paris-Amsterdam corridor

Implementation of River Information Services in Europe - IRIS Europe II

Implementation of RIS on the Westerscheldt river

Motorways of the Sea Esbjerg - Zeebrugge

Construction and elevation of railway bridges (HST lines 25 and 27) over the Nete river

Implementation of RIS in Flanders

ERTMS on-board equipment of Thalys locomotives

Deployment of ERTMS on the corridor Antwerp-Basel/Lyon

EEIG: ERTMS Users Group - testing activities

SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) - Development Phase

Trans-European Satellite Navigation System (Galileo): Development and validation phase

PBKAL: Belgian part of the northern European high speed network

Euro Cap Rail on the Brussels-Luxembourg-Strasbourg railway axis

Construction of a 225 x 25 m chamber navigation lock, its ancillary works and a pumping station/hydroelectric power plant on the Albert Canal, to the east of the existing lock complex at Lanaye

Studies for the construction of a 225m x 25m (Class VIb) lock in Huy (Ampsin-Neuville) and the works of a 225m x 25m (classe VIb) lock in Flémalle (Ivoz-Ramet), both on the Meuse river

Diabolo: Rail link of the Zaventem airport to the Thalys high speed network

ERTMS development and consolidation