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TEN-T Project Implementation Successes

TEN-T Project Implementation Successes

The TEN-T programme plays a vital role in financing transport infrastructure by granting support to selected European projects in all transport modes and in every EU Member State. With the ultimate aim of forming a multi-modal network that allows people and goods to circulate quickly and easily in a single European transport area, TEN-T projects are also helping to build an integrated, greener and ultimately decarbonised European transport system which benefits all EU citizens, both economically and socially.


INEA is doing its part by continuing the efficient and effective implementation of the projects. This section allows you to experience firsthand how individual TEN-T projects managed by the Agency are collectively helping to complete the TEN-T network and change the face of European mobility.


Many of these projects are featured in three brochures highlighting TEN-T implementation successes:


We are continually adding new projects, so click on the map below to select a success or go directly to the project listing to explore more!