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Find below a list of the latest news items related to the INEA and the programs it manages. Consult the Events section for Agency-related happenings.


24 January 2019
First EU citizens using ePrescriptions in other EU country thanks to CEF Telecom
Connecting Europe Facility funds the exchange of health data in a secure way
24 January 2019
Know CEF Telecom inside out with this new brochure
Including the status of each Digital Single Infrastructure and 28 project highlights
24 January 2019
€114 million available under Horizon 2020 for next-generation batteries projects
The Building a Low-Carbon, Climate Resilient Future: Next-Generation Batteries call for proposals is open for applications from 24 January to 25 April 2019.
23 January 2019
CEF Energy: EU invests €799.8 million in energy infrastructure
14 projects have been selected bringing an integrated European energy market closer
21 January 2019
Sign up as a CEF energy expert!
INEA is looking for new experts to assess the proposals submitted for EU funding under the CEF Energy calls.
17 January 2019
Over €1.2 billion requested in Horizon 2020 transport funding
INEA has received 238 project proposals by the deadline of 16 January for eight topics in the areas of waterborne transport, logistics, aviation, transport infrastructure
08 January 2019
2019 CEF Transport call now open for applications
€100 million available to support transport projects
20 December 2018
Twelve near-zero emissions projects selected for Horizon 2020 funding
INEA has earmarked almost €50 million in EU support
18 December 2018
Register for 2019 CEF Transport call info day
Follow the virtual event on 17 January 2019 to find out all about the latest call
13 December 2018
Horizon 2020: €629 m requested for clean energy projects
Evaluation results of 72 submitted proposals will be known the latest by 11 May 2019
10 December 2018
€118 million awarded to H2020 transport projects
INEA has signed grant agreements with 27 projects selected for funding under Mobility for Growth, Automated Road Transport, and Green Vehicles calls. They will receive a total of €118 million.
07 December 2018
Well done to the first 2,800 municipalities granted WiFi4EU vouchers
Today the European Commission announced the results of the first WiFi4EU call for proposals, which ran on 7-9 November 2018.
06 December 2018
Over 4,5 million euro requested for CEF Telecom eHealth projects
The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) has received 23 project proposals by the 6 December deadline for the 2018-4 CEF Telecom eHealth call, requesting over €4,5 million in total EU funding. The total available budget for the call is €5 million. Evaluation of the project proposals with the help of external experts will start in January 2019.
05 December 2018
€100 million available to support key European transport projects
The European Commission has launched today the 2019 Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport
04 December 2018
162 million euros available for Horizon 2020 transport projects
Ten transport topics under the 2018-2020 H2020 work Programme are open for application until 25 April 2019